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NFL Draft Profile: Bubba Bolden, Safety, Miami Hurricanes

NFL draft profile scouting report for Miami safety, Bubba Bolden

i.png 23-52-48-825

Pos: DS
Ht: 6021
Wt: 209
Hand: 0900
Arm: 3138
Wing: N/A
40: 4.47
Bench: N/A
3-Cone: N/A
Shuttle: N/A
Vert: N/A
Broad: 908
DOB: 5/28/99
Eligible: 2022
Las Vegas, NV
Bishop Gorman High School

Bubba Bolden
Miami Hurricanes


Leinweber: Long safety who is deployed in deep zones with half field and single high as well as the occasional off man alignment over the slot. Bolden possesses very good hip fluidity in space which is impressive for a player of his size. His great lateral agility allows him to cut off routes. Bolden recovers quickly after getting beat, speaking to his agility. In two high, he has very good eyes, reading inside out reliably. Playing instinctually, his trigger is very quick allowing him to be a playmaker breaking on routes from depth. Bolden fills without hesitation and attempts to punch the ball out from ball carriers. His size and athleticism allow him to match up with tight ends in man. He communicates pre and post-snap, displaying good leadership.


Leinweber: Bad angles from depth cause Bolden to frequently miss tackles. Shifty runners are able to make him miss in space. Not hitting behind his pads and coming in low leads to him falling off of rushers. He has not shown the ability to shed blocks. Against verticals, Bolden stays square for too long, letting receivers blow by. His range is not long enough to play and succeed in single high as verticals get behind him. Bolden’s aggressiveness can lead him to arrive early and get flagged.


Leinweber: Lanky safety with very good athleticism and fluidity to be deployed in deep zones. Bolden is very aggressive and instinctual from depth, breaking on passes and making plays on the ball. He takes bad angles in the run game and is a very unreliable tackler. Bolden projects as a future starter at the safety position who can be a playmaker in cover two, robbing the middle of the field and in man coverage on tight ends. He has to improve his tackling to make an impact on special teams early on in his career. 


Leinweber: Lanky safety with very good athleticism and fluidity who plays aggressively and instinctually. Takes bad angles in the run game.


Current Player Value/Potential Player Value

Leinweber: 7.3 / 8.6