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Philadelphia Eagles WR DeVonta Smith Has Costly Drops in Loss to New York Jets

It was an uncharacteristically bad game from Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeVonta Smith, with two drops that were pivotal in the 20-14 loss to the New York Jets.
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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – It would require some deep thought to recall the last time DeVonta Smith dropped a pass. Certainly, it's happened since he was drafted 10th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021, though no examples immediately come to mind.

What isn’t lost in the memory bank, though, is DeVonta Smith dropping two passes. In the same game. Pretty sure the two critical drops he had in Sunday’s stunning 20-14 loss to the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium are a first.

“Put that loss on me,” said Smith in the subdued postgame locker room. “I had two big drops. My fault. Put it on me.”

To be fair, there were plenty of guilty parties in the Eagles’ first loss of the season, from the top to bottom.

Such as:

  • Offensive coordinator Brian Johnson’s attitude on running the ball – “Run the ball. Against the 29-ranked run defense in the NFL that has given up 100-plus running yards with regularity? Nah. We’re going to throw and keep throwing.”
  • Head coach Nick Sirianni’s decision to “trust” his players and throw the ball on third-and-nine coming out of the two-minute warning and the Jets out of timeouts. He trusted an offense that hadn’t done a thing since running back D’Andre Swift’s 9-yard touchdown catch with 5:32 to play in the second quarter.
  • Swift’s carelessness with the football led to a fumble and tight end Dallas Goedert’s inability to hold the ball led to quarterback Jalen Hurts’ first interception of the game, one of four turnovers on the day.
DeVonta Smith answers reporters' questions after having two costly drops in the Eagles' loss in Week 6

DeVonta Smith answers reporters' questions after having two costly drops in the Eagles' loss in Week 6.

Smith, though, accepted his share of accountability.

“I just (bleeping) dropped them,” said Smith, who, perhaps, like his two drops, was the first time in memory that he actually cursed. “I gotta be better. Ain’t nothing to learn. Catch the damn ball.”

His first drop came on a second-and-five throw during the Eagles’ first possession of the second quarter. Four plays later, Hurts was charged with an interception that was Goedert’s fault for not securing the ball properly.

The second drop may have been even more costly. It came on a deep throw in the middle of the field on the Eagles’ first possession of the third quarter that would have been good for a 25-, 30-yard gain and put the Eagles in field goal range, at minimum. On the very next play, a second-and-15, Hurts took an 8-yard sack. Two plays later, the Eagles punted.

"I’m not worried about him at all," said teammate A.J. Brown. "He’s going to go to work. He’s going to bounce back like he always does. A confidence issue, that’s not an issue. He’s going to be just fine. Simple. That ain’t even a thought."

Smith was also involved in the Eagles’ final offensive play of the game, when Hurts, for whatever reason, decided to heave the ball deep down the field on fourth-and-eight with 1:24 to play and trying to lead a comeback. The throw was into double coverage and Smith couldn’t haul it in.

“I feel like I got grabbed,” he said. “It’s tough to make a catch when you’re falling back and somebody’s grabbing you.”