2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: IOL David Moore, Grambling

The Giants can probably use some additional depth on the offensive line, so let's see what the story is on Grambling State's David Moore and what he might be able to provide.
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Height: 5'10"
Weight: 320 lbs.
Class: Senior
School: Grambling State

The Grambling State Tigers are an FCS program with a not-so-hidden gem playing within their ranks. David Moore is a dominating physical force that played left guard and will play interior offensive line at the next level. 

He accepted his invite to the Reese’s Senior Bowl in 2021, which is important because the level of competition he faced in college was sub-par.

Moore wasn’t recruited by many college programs and ended up at the famous HBCU. He attended McClellan High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

He only played two years of football in high school but received all-state honors in his senior season. Despite being an offensive lineman, Moore was voted MVP of his collegiate program.


Like most people in 2020, Moore was faced with a tough decision: play another year of football, or focus on the 2021 NFL Draft. 

Moore opted out of the year and is focusing on his career. During the pandemic, Moore trained with former Houston Oiler lineman Bruce Matthews in an attempt to better his technique and learn some more nuance about the position he is trying to master.


Moore was playing against competition that wasn’t suited for his skill set. He was routinely dominating lineman at the point of attack with strength, power, and better fundamentals. 

He’s a good athlete for his size, and he can move well and locate while also engaging lineman with a heavy punch. If Moore has a big week in Mobile, Alabama, we will hear his name skyrocket up draft boards.

He has a stout NFL type frame and doesn’t carry a lot of bad weight. Very explosive off the line of scrimmage while run blocking; he explodes low to high, keeps his elbow tight to his vest, and uses his powerful hands to shock & drop opponents. 

He plays with excellent competitive toughness and drives opponents into the dirt to finish them through the whistle.

He seemed to move well and locate second-level defenders with aggression, athletic ability, and a sense of control. Footwork on the line of scrimmage and in space was smooth for a 320-pound lineman. He plays with excellent play strength and tenacity. 

There didn’t seem to be any strength issues against Louisiana Tech, which is a higher level of competition than the FCS teams he dominated.

Incredible strength allowed him to make mistakes, and this was more evident as a pass blocker. He would overextend his punches and had the athletic ability to recover against the FCS competition, but overextending at the next level will leave him susceptible to counter moves and could be a problem. 


This could also lead to balance issues if he doesn’t keep his feet active, and he gets complacent against these more experienced competitors. All of these can be corrected through experience and with NFL coaching. It’s not the easiest finding tape on an FCS prospect. 

I saw some tape, and he seemed to handle counter moves very well. He employed a snatch & trap, moved well with his feet, and didn’t allow the defender to rip him, and he easily gained the chest of his opponents, but the competition must always be weighed into the context of his evaluation. 

Moore has a lot of upside, and his name could be a rising one as the draft gets closer. It will be important for Moore to excel at the Reese’s Senior Bowl.

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