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Jets' Marcus Maye Addresses Trade Rumors, DUI Arrest

New York Jets safety Marcus Maye says he does not want to be traded, assuring that he's focused on returning from his ankle injury as the trade deadline looms.

Jets safety Marcus Maye doesn't want to be traded. 

The veteran told reporters on Thursday that he hasn't requested a trade and doesn't plan to, hoping to stay in green and white beyond this season.

"I'm here. Every time I'm in this building, I'm 100%. Every time I'm on the field, I'm 100%," Maye said. "I'm going to grind for my guys no matter what. So once I'm here, I'm here."

Rumors about Maye's future have been swirling for quite some time—especially after negotiations on a long-term deal went south this offseason. The 28-year-old is playing this year under the franchise tag. That speculation heightened recently, however, after Maye's agent tweeted the safety would be healthy (from his ankle injury) before next month's trade deadline. 

Asked specifically about the social media comments from his agent, Erik Burkhardt, Maye joked that he doesn't have control over Burkhardt's phone or Twitter account. Regardless, Maye assured that the comment about the deadline was nothing more than an assessment of the safety's injury timeline.

Sure enough, Maye is expected to be back in the secondary on Sunday in New England (coming off last week's bye). The precise source of his injury—beyond the fact that it popped up in New York's Week 3 loss to the Broncos—remains unknown.


"I finished the game and it was just sore as heck," Maye said. "Went to the trainers after, got it looked at."

While Maye has been recuperating from his injury, news broke surrounding his recent DUI arrest. Maye said he's "not allowed" to comment on the charges, saying any possible discipline handed down from the league is out of his control. 

Similar to his approach with trade rumors, Maye is focused on playing football. 

"I mean, the only thing I can worry about is playing football and doing my job," Maye said. "Anything else other than that, I have no control over."

As much as he elected not to comment on the arrest, Maye did say that he feels remorse.

"Definitely," he said. "The situation happened. I definitely feel sorry for it. I learned from it. You just have to keep going."

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