Grading Dan Campbell's Appearance on "Pardon My Take"

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell was a guest on the "Pardon My Take" podcast this week.
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When new Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is scheduled for a media interview, it should not be missed.

On Monday, Campbell was a guest on Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" podcast. He did not fail to deliver during his time spent with one of the most listened to podcasts. 

During his appearance, Campbell was asked about personal grooming, his introductory speech and his time as interim coach of the Miami Dolphins. 

Here are the highlights from Monday's interview.

Dan Campbell wanted fans to know who he was at his introductory press conference

In nearly all of his media appearances, Campbell has been asked about his introductory press conference. 

He reiterated similar reasoning for delivering his message, and he stated that he wanted people to know exactly who he was and that he was not an individual that read off of a script. 

Lessons learned from his time as interim coach of the Miami Dolphins

Campbell expressed that he tried to do way too much individually while with the Dolphins. 

Now, with the opportunity to hire his coaching staff, he is more willing to delegate and trust his staff. 

He again told the story of his mistake managing the clock against the Buffalo Bills and the significance of communication as a head football coach. 

Becoming an "alpha" comes with having a sense of security

Detroit's new head coach is now willing to delegate and listen more to those who have more experience than him. 

He explained that he felt he has come to be very secure with himself, and indicated some football head men may not have hired assistant coaches with as much experience as he did.

He explained further that some coaches may not have felt comfortable bringing in coaches the caliber of Anthony Lynn or Duce Staley, who could be viewed as potential replacements. 

Decision to make when down 14 points with 4-minutes left. Do Lions go for the 2-pt conversion? 

Campbell disappointed the hosts by claiming he would kick the extra point, bypassing going for the 2-pt conversion. 

"Without knowing exactly what's going on. If you just tell me I'm behind 14 -- I get the fact if you go for two and get it, you're sitting real good now. There's no problem, but if you don't get it, you have got to go for two just to get the tie back."

Even defying analytics, Campbell defended his position and is open to considering analytics, but still wants to know the position in the game and much more information to make his decision. 

Grade: A-

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