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Lions Avoid Being Hacked, NFL Releases Statement

Several NFL teams had their Twitter accounts hacked into in the past 48 hours

In the last 48 hours, several NFL teams had their team Twitter accounts hacked into. 

As of Tuesday, the Detroit Lions were not victimized by an organized effort to hack into their team social media account on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the NFL released a statement regarding the significant breach of security:

"On Monday, the NFL Cybersecurity department became aware of a breach of a league-related social media account. Targeted breaches and additional failed attempts were discovered across the league and team accounts. The NFL took immediate action and directed the teams to secure their social media accounts and prevent further unauthorized access. Simultaneously, the league alerted the social media platform providers and, with their assistance, secured all league and club accounts. We continue to work diligently with the teams, which have resumed normal operations.

The NFL and teams are cooperating with its social media platform providers and law enforcement.

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