Lions Super Bowl Odds for 2020 at 100-1

John Maakaron

Oddsmakers have correctly made the Lions a long shot to win next years Super Bowl. 

With several new staff members being added to the coaching staff and a roster in need of more top-end talent, it is highly unlikely that Detroit meets ownerships expectations of being in playoff contention next season. 

On Wednesday, released betting odds for NFL teams to win the Lombardi Trophy next season. 

The Lions, along with the Dolphins, Bengals and Redskins are 100-to-1 long shots to win it all.

The Chiefs have the best odds to win the Lombardi Trophy next season at 7-to-1. The Ravens and 49ers are both at 8-to-1 odds.


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No. 1-1

Please O please I know Lions defense was bad but to pass on talent like Jerry Judy is nuts. Just think if Goliday gets hurt. If he doesn't offense could be unstoppable.