Ford Hamp Not Concerned with Former Players Criticizing Culture

Sheila Ford Hamp expressed that she was not overly concerned with former Detroit Lions criticizing Matt Patricia's culture

When Matt Patricia first joined the Detroit Lions in 2018, he brought with him a persona and personality that rubbed many members of the roster the wrong way.

"Coach Patricia came in and tore it all down and a lot of the guys didn’t really want to buy into what he was teaching because of the way he presented it. His attitude, his persona, his arrogance, things like that made people not really want to buy into it. That was the disconnect," former safety Glover Quin said in a radio appearance back in April. 

All throughout Patricia's tenure, former players repeatedly expressed that the culture being built was not conducive to players remaining satisfied with the organization.

Despite all the complaining of Patricia's culture, new principal owner Sheila For Hamp did not express too much concern when she addressed Detroit media after dismissing Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn.

"You know, players are going to have different ideas. Some players are going to think one way, some are going to think another. Not really, no. I mean, (I was) hoping that it was going to all pull together. I think in many ways – I think we’ve got a really talented team, or a talented team. I think we should have come together better than we have. I guess we just felt like the leadership wasn’t getting that job done.”

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