Opinion: QB Jared Goff Is Just a Bridge Quarterback

The Detroit Lions must find their next generational talent at quarterback.

Don't get it wrong. 

If one of the most gifted offensive minds in the game starts a quarterback named John Wolford over you, something might be seriously wrong. 

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay decided to start Wolford against the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC wild card round of the playoffs over franchise passer Jared Goff, who underwent surgery on his thumb 12 days prior. 

Goff was forced to rescue his team, as Wolford ended up suffering an injury and left the game in the first quarter. Los Angeles went on to advance, defeating the Seahawks, 30-20.

According to various reports, McVay had lost confidence in Goff's ability to succeed in his system. 

Thus, Los Angeles was willing to add an additional first-round pick to entice Detroit to take Goff off its hands.

On early Sunday morning, NFL.com chatted with the 26-year-old quarterback to get his reaction to being traded. 

“I’m just excited to be somewhere that I know wants me and appreciates me,” Goff said. “I’m moving forward, and couldn’t be more excited to build a winner there. I’m excited about Dan Campbell and the whole staff.”


Early indications are that Goff will be Detroit's starting quarterback in 2021. 

The question is not whether or not Goff will be successful. 

That is almost irrelevant, while Detroit is rebuilding one of the worst rosters in the National Football League. 

The question instead will be how soon will Detroit pull the trigger on drafting his replacement. 

With the much-needed draft capital added in general manager Brad Holmes' first transaction on the job, there is no rush to even draft a quarterback in 2021. 

"I’ve got my little gut barometer," Detroit first-year head man Dan Campbell said via the Free Press. "Look, your gut can get you in trouble. It sure can, if you’re not using what’s between your ears with it. A majority of those times when I’ve felt that way about a guy they’ve kind of, they’ve been pretty good in this league and obviously he being one of them. So, it’s not always that easy. But, I think, man, if you’re going to get one of those guys early, you better absolutely love that guy. You got to love him with everything. And everybody in this organization has got to love that guy, in my opinion."

If Detroit falls in love with a college quarterback, it can easily move on from Goff after the 2022 season with no cap ramifications. 

At the moment, I'll trust McVay's assessment over Detroit's lack of a track record with resurrecting careers.

Remember, Jared, rent a home. Don't buy!

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