Holmes Discusses How Many Players Lions Need to be Competitive

Brad Holmes was asked Tuesday his thoughts on how many players the Detroit Lions are away from being a winning football team.

One of the more refreshing aspects of the new coaching and front-office hires made by the Detroit Lions has been the increased candor and transparency with the media. 

New Lions general manager Brad Holmes revealed on Tuesday that there was a slight level of disbelief that he and new head coach Dan Campbell get along so well.  

“Going through the roster with Dan (Campbell), it kind of goes on top of what Dan’s been saying, what I’ve been saying from the get-go; I’ve been very fortunate to be in a position to work with a head coach that sees things eye-to-eye," Holmes said. "That’s been the case from the very get-go, to the point where I think to myself, ‘Is this how it normally is?’ But, it is. It’s truly been like a dream, just in terms of being able to work with a guy like Dan."


After a disappointing 2020 season, the organization is now tasked with revamping a roster in need of high-end talent and depth at multiple positions. 

When asked, Holmes shared similar sentiments as Campbell in regard to targeting areas of need on the defensive side of the football.  

"Going through the roster in general and us going through it and us seeing so many things eye-to-eye, in terms of where our starters were in terms of where we need depth, I would say that there are some pieces that we definitely need to add. We can start with the defensive side of the ball," he said. "We definitely need some more depth. We will need starters at certain places. Those are things that we’re going through. We’ve identified those spots that we need to add more depth, even if we feel like we need a starter." 

Holmes added, "There’s still some young guys that still hadn’t played as much, that I’m very familiar with coming out of the draft process and watching the film from the previous year, that we feel good about. There’s optimism in some players that have not been as, let’s say, as well known that we have a lot of hope for. As to what Dan was saying earlier, to add competition, I think that that will fuel any spot anywhere across the whole defense."

The optimism from the majority of the fanbase has been the result of the steady play of the offense the past few seasons. 

With Matthew Stafford at the helm and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell calling the plays, Detroit's offense was able to score points and play at a high level for long periods of time. 

"Do we feel pretty good about where we are from an offensive line standpoint? Yeah. I mean, we’re returning starters back that have played at a high level," Holmes explained. "But, we also need depth. We’ve got to deal with that reality, forbid anything happens. But, we’ve got to be prepared that not even from a development standpoint, but (also that) it’s a long season. You need depth at all areas." 

Holmes has experience retooling an offensive unit

The current priority for Detroit's roster involves retooling the wide receiving corps since there are presently only two players under contract at the position.  

For Holmes, the task of reshaping an offensive unit is not unfamiliar territory and can be accomplished quickly. 

"Obviously, from a receiver standpoint, there’s some decisions that still have to be made in regard to how we’ll approach it with Kenny (Golladay), and obviously, just adding more pieces there and more depth there," Holmes told reporters Tuesday. "I will say through my experience, even back with the Rams, I want to say it was probably 2017 that our receiver room flipped pretty quickly within a year. The Rams were able to add some quality pieces pretty quickly. To be able to follow a similar kind of a blueprint or path or having the experience of seeing how that works and being involved in that process, it’s something that I feel confident, Dan and I feel confident about us being able to take a similar process.”

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