Campbell: A 'True Alpha' Knows When to Back Down

Read more on Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell's comments regarding how "disagreements" will be handled.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell clarified Tuesday who would have the final say if there was any sort of disagreement about the roster or who the organization will draft this April. 

"Well, here's what I would say. I kind of brought this up ... weeks ago. But, here's what I'd say about a true alpha. A true alpha knows when it's time to concede for the betterment of the team," Campbell said during his video conference with Detroit media. 

"And so, I would tell you one way or another, there's already been a couple of things where it's like maybe we don't, you see it a little more this way, I see it a little ..., we haven't had one problem, and we're not going to have a problem," Campbell told reporters. 


Part of the appeal of hiring Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes were their ability to work with others and to make decisions that will inevitably help the team get better. 

"Because if we feel like it's a betterment for the team, and ultimately, Brad (Holmes) feels one way, what does the pack feel like? How does everybody feel? How do all the coaches feel? How does Ray Agnew feel? And if I'm the odd man out, I've got zero problem. So, listen, I'm just telling you, I know where you're going with it, and it won't be a problem. I know it won't," Campbell further explained. 

One thing was made quite clear by Detroit's new head coach: He is not going to spend any significant amount of time being upset if a decision is made that he slightly opposes. 

"I'm not going to wallow in my own pride and worry about, you know, 'I really want this guy, and I can't believe that he didn't see it my way.' And I mean, one of the reasons that I feel like I'm here is because, believe it or not, I'm a good listener, too," Campbell said. "And I can hear all sides. And there's been things that people have been able to change my mind (on), because I'm able to look at it and I'm able to see it and I can digest it. And it may take a day. But, you come back. And, you know what I see? I see what you see. I get it."

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