Lions Players Show Support for Kenny Golladay to Get New Contract

John Maakaron

Wide receiver Kenny Golladay is still willing to negotiate with the Detroit Lions for a long-term contract extension during the season.

On Friday, he played coy with reporters who asked about the status of a new deal.

"I don’t think nothing came out yet," a smiling Golladay said. 

"I’m going to just play the season and if a contract gets done, it gets done. And if it takes till the end of the season, then it takes till the end of the season," he said. "If it doesn’t happen, then, it doesn’t happen. Just keep moving forward. Only thing I can really control right now is my play on the field and the energy I bring on the field every day." 

On Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit's best offensive weapon secured four receptions for 105 yards.

Following the game, he took to social media to potentially send a message to Detroit's general manager. 

"This s**t going to cost you. Don't let that go over y'all head," Golladay posted on Instagram.

Several of his teammates commented on his post to express their support of him receiving a hefty, new contract.

"Boy certified!! Pay that man," wrote Kerryon Johnson.

"No BS," wrote D'Andre Swift.

"Cheese, please," wrote Quintez Cephus.

"Come heavy or don't come at all," commented Jalen Reeves-Maybin.

There is still a certain level of debate as to whether Golladay is a complete receiver worthy of being compensated among the league's best wide receivers. 

But, with each week he puts up solid numbers, the asking price is surely going up. 

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Pay him! He is deserving of a sizable raise. This is the best approach if Shelia is serious about improving the team. Doing so also sends a positive message about stellar performance to his teammates.


Golladay extension should come after the season

John Maakaron
John Maakaron


The players definitely are in support of Golladay getting a hefty pay raise. The cap going down in 2021 makes things tricky for KG getting big money

3 Replies


I still think Golladay gets 19-20 million per season


The Lions need to pay him before another great talent gets away... They aren’t in a Position to play hardball with players... Although they pretend to be, they are NOT the Patriots...


This is a really good point. It's not often you get elite players that want to come to or stay in Detroit. Golladay has expressed interest to be here for the long haul. Detroit gave him a shot by drafting him in the 3rd round, which at the time was seen as a reach. But he has delivered and is currently B. Quinn's best draft pick when you facture in value (3rd round pick) and production.

You can't expect to be competitive in this league if you consistantly let good talent walk away, which this franchise has done with regularity (N. Suh, C. Avril, D. Slay, Q. Diggs, G. Glasglow so on and so forth).

The Karras Gamble
The Karras Gamble

The money is there. Golladay has proven himself. You are not going to find another receiver like him. The draft is a crapshoot. Quinn is an idiot.