Classy or Clueless: Patricia Presents Sheila Ford Hamp With Game Ball

John Maakaron

New Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp attended Friday's practice at Detroit's Allen Park practice facility.

Following his team stretching, Patricia gathered his group around Ford Hamp to present her with a game ball to commemorate her first win as an owner. 

“It was very meaningful to her, based on what I saw,” running back Kerryon Johnson said Friday during a video conference. “But, she’s just like us. She wants more, and we want more and we’re trying to give her as many footballs as she can handle. It seems like we played Arizona three months ago now, just because of the bye week and the games in between -- in COVID, everything moves 10 times slower, so we’re just trying to stack them up, stack them up and give her some more.”

The response online to the presentation did not go over very well, as supporters wondered why Patricia would choose to present the game ball in a public manner following a loss?

Also, supporters are all too aware of previous head coaches who used to shower the Ford family with praise every chance they could in order to remain on the job. 

And it has worked. 

The Ford family has been known to retain ineffective Lions staffers for years. 

Matt Millen's contract extension is still a head-scratcher.

Ford Hamp is now tasked with attempting to turn around the fortunes of one of the worst franchises in sports history.

After a slow start to the 2020 season, all eyes will be on head coach Matt Patricia, as he takes his 1-3 football team down to Jacksonville, Florida to take on the Jaguars.

Patricia and Co. are aware of what is at stake if the next few performances do not produce victories. 

Do you think Patricia's gesture was genuine, or an attempt to save his job by brown-nosing?

Vote and comment below.

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Comments (8)
No. 1-5

I voted that it was a silly gesture


Totally classless! Quinn and Patricia is running circles around poor Sheila. She has know clue. The franchise doesn't know what winning looks like so it's easy to be bamboozled. They've been perennial losers for so long. I hope you enjoy your game ball Sheila. They'll be hard to come by.


Think Shelia was gracious but unswayed. Patricia is gone if he doesn’t come out winning.


Agree with Andria m, could not have said it better myself. Would not be surprised at this point if the Lions get blown out in Jacksonville and we hear next week we need to coach better once again.

Andria m
Andria m

Only the Lions would think fans care about that — Nobody in Detroit cares about ceremonial game balls. Get to the playoffs, win games and play good football. She should have declined that stupid gesture