Lions Stunned by Packers Late at Lambeau Field, Lose on Monday Night Football

John Maakaron

On Monday night in a pivotal divisional matchup against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, the Lions started off boldly and aggressively. 

On offense to start, the Lions completed a 66-yard flea flicker to wide receiver Kenny Golladay that surprised the Packers defense. 

While the opening play had flare, the drive eventually stalled and led to a Matt Prater field goal. 

The inability to convert long drives into touchdowns came back to haunt the Lions yet again. 

Through the first couple of offensive possessions, the Lions were able to dictate play and had the momentum securely in hand. 

Matthew Stafford was precise, and showed off his arm by connecting with both Kenny Golladay and Marvin Hall for 66 yards and 58 yards, respectively. 

After the Lions secured a 13-0 lead, the Packers were able to rip momentum away following a critical error made by the Lions. 

With 8:20 remaining in the second quarter, the Lions had seemingly held the Packers to a field goal attempt. However, similar to past games, the Lions made a critical error that gave the Packers momentum. 

The Lions were flagged for too many men on the field after fielding 12 defenders on the Packers' field-goal try. 

Green Bay took advantage of the Lions miscue with a touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers to running back Jamaal Williams. 

The Packers were able to dictate play after that and eventually tied the game at 13 apiece. 

Key Play 

With 10:11 left in the third quarter, Lions punter Sam Martin booted it 48 yards to the Green Bay 34-yard line. Detroit cornerback Dee Virgin forced Green Bay receiver Darrius Shepherd to fumble and safety Tavon Wilson proceeded to recover the fumble for the Lions. 

The Lions then took the lead with a Prater field goal.

Justin Coleman

Cornerback Justin Coleman continues to dazzle with his play-making abilities.

In the fourth quarter, with the Packers driving, Coleman intercepted Rodgers, and returned it to the Green Bay 43 for a return of 55 yards.

Field Goals, Not Touchdowns 

If the Lions can immediately improve one aspect of their game, it should be their inability to take advantage of other teams' mistakes. 

The Lions struggle to punish opponents when they make mistakes. 

Credit to Prater, who connected on field goals of 26, 22, 41, 51 and 54 yards. 

When it came down to putting away the Packers, the Lions were simply unable to put the final nail in the coffin. 


Again, the NFL referees were in the spotlight for phantom calls made against the Lions. 

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Not being able to capitalize on TD's was a problem but the officials took the ball out of Stafford's hands in the final minutes of the game. Sad the game ended how it did, have all the faith in the world Stafford would have marched down the field and Prater hits the game winner. Blame the refs fully for this one