Should the Lions Target Teddy Bridgewater for Backup Quarterback Job?

Read more on whether the Detroit Lions should target Teddy Bridgewater for their backup quarterback job

Now that quarterback Sam Darnold has been traded to the Carolina Panthers, QB Teddy Bridgewater has requested to be traded. 

Bridgewater was Carolina's QB in 2020, and he put up respectable numbers. 

He went 349-of-492 for 3,733 yards, 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions, good for a QB rating of 92.1. 

The big statistics that stand out to me are the interceptions, and they stood out on film, as well. I went back, and watched five games last season to get a good feel of his full body of work (Wk. 1 against Las Vegas, Wk. 2 against TB, Wk. 9 against KC, Wk. 16 against WSH and Wk. 17 vs. NO). 

It literally is all or nothing with Bridgewater, as at times, he looks like he has it all put together and at other times, he does not; hence, the interceptions. 

With Bridgewater asking for a trade, the obvious question becomes could he be a good fit with the Detroit Lions

While Bridgewater is accustomed to being a starter, he may have a tough time finding that situation at this stage of the game, and he may need to instead settle for the best possible scenario. 

Jared Goff is the starter in Detroit, but if that goes sideways or Goff gets injured, it could open the door for a veteran like Bridgewater to step in and start.  

CBS Sports' Patrik Walker had the following to say about Bridgewater's future: 

"It will be interesting to see what happens next with Bridgewater, especially considering the QB market isn't what it was a few weeks ago when headline talent found new homes, and with the draft less than a month away. Additionally, the Panthers have been unable to find a trade partner over the previous weeks, and Bridgewater being due a base salary of $17 million in 2021, with $10 million guaranteed, is an added complication. He has two years remaining on his current contract with the Panthers, including a $20 million salary due in 2022, so he'd likely have to accept a pay cut to carve his way onto a new roster."  

If Detroit can somehow swing a trade with Carolina, Bridgewater instantly would give the Lions a luxury they have not had in some time -- a viable veteran backup QB.


QB Teddy Bridgewater - 6-foot-2, 215 pounds (28 years old; drafted in 2014 in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings) 

Grade: B- (Good player, but not elite; he's good enough to win with, however) 

Scouting Report 

A functional, athletic veteran quarterback with a good arm and average accuracy. Runs a quick-tempo offense, and has a good play-action fake. Able to buy time in the pocket at times, and can take off and pick up quality yardage with his feet. Tends to take too many sacks. 

Best suited for short-to-intermediate passing. Quick with his rhythm when throwing to backs and receivers on shallow, crossing routes. Still has a lively arm, and can put some zip on it. Can look like he is pushing the ball downfield sometimes. Looks really good, and then has a "what was he thinking moment" when the ball either sails high on him or he throws an altogether ill-advised pass. Can get erratic. Can force it into tight coverage. All-or-nothing type. Too many letdowns. 

Tough and courageous in the pocket. Will stand in there against the rush. Poised. At times, throws some really pretty-looking passes. At times, also throws some unfriendly-placed balls for receivers. Inconsistent accuracy when throwing deep. 

Helps and hurts his team. Looks like he is transitioning into a backup role at this point of his career, and he is capable of providing quality play for a spell.  

If the price is right, Bridgewater would make sense for Detroit. 

Up until this point of his career, he has had a hard time finding a permanent home. But, Detroit could be just the perfect fit for everyone involved.

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