Roundtable: Which Team Is Most Likely to Call the Lions to Trade Up for No. 7 Pick?

Latest SI All Lions Roundtable focuses on which team is most likely to trade up for Detroit Lions' No. 7 overall pick and more

1.) What is your favorite Detroit Lions jersey?

Vito Chirco: I'm like Adam. I'll go with the old-school uniform combo on Thanksgiving. 

I don't need anything fancy when it comes to a sports jersey. So, for me, I'll opt for the blue jersey and silver pants that the Lions don during their annual Thanksgiving game.  

John Maakaron: My favorite Lions jersey is the color rush. After team president Rod Wood said the organization would consider making changes to the jersey, I thought to myself, "Just make the color rush uniforms the home uniform." Then, the away jersey can be Honolulu Blue.

Adam Strozynski: No question about it, it's the Thanksgiving silver helmet and silver pant combo. 

2.) Which team is most likely to call the Lions to trade up for the No. 7 pick?

Chirco: I think the Carolina Panthers, who sit a pick behind the Lions at No. 8 overall. 

If Detroit sells it good enough that it's interested in taking a quarterback at No. 7, it would only drive up the demand/price for the pick. 

While Carolina has a competent veteran passer in Teddy Bridgewater, it doesn't seem like the organization is set on him as its long-term franchise QB. 

In my opinion, that makes the Panthers a prime candidate to trade up one pick to grab North Dakota State passer Trey Lance at No. 7. 

Maakaron: I am really curious to see if the Lions decide to trade down. I could see Carolina, Washington or New England considering to make a move to trade for a quarterback. If tight end Kyle Pitts is still available at No. 7, I think the phone lines light up, as well. 

Strozynski: It's down to two teams, New England or Washington, for me. I think Washington sees a quarterback it wants and offers more to get that piece for its franchise. 

3.) Michael Brockers recently spoke about what kind of defense the Lions are going to run in 2021. Does the team have enough talent to run a 3-4?

Chirco: I believe so. I would love to see what Brockers, defensive ends Trey Flowers and Romeo Okwara and linebacker Jamie Collins can do in a full season of playing in a 3-4 defense. 

And, at the end of the day, I think running a 3-4 scheme makes it the easiest possible transition for Aaron Glenn in his first season as Lions defensive coordinator. 

Maakaron: I think the Lions can still run a 3-4 with the talent on the roster. Romeo and Julian Okwara have the potential to anchor the defense. New defensive lineman Michael Brockers should be a nice addition to play alongside John Penisini and Trey Flowers. 


If they can pressure the oppositions' guards and get to the quarterback at a higher rate, fans will start to gain confidence in the defense. 

Strozynski: I think a 3-4 defense is more out of necessity and less about talent. This team does have the pieces to run an effective 4-3. Don't be surprised if Romeo Okwara is an outside linebacker next season.

4.) What do you think about the NFL's newly approved 17-game regular season schedule?

Chirco: I don't like it. I think it's basically a money grab for the NFL that showcases the league doesn't have a true interest in the safety of the players. In my opinion, if it did care, it wouldn't be expanding to 17 games.

Maakaron: At this point, it should be an 18-game season. with no preseason at all. I am okay with 17 games, and am looking forward to seeing how many games Detroit will win in Dan Campbell's first season in Motown. 

This year, the Lions play Denver in the season finale. I wonder how the defense will evolve over the course of 17 games. 

Strozynski: I hate it. I hate the odd number of games. I hate what it does to the scheduling format for picking teams. I hate that it drives a bigger divide between the players and owners, which will be evident in the next CBA negotiations. 

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