Matt Patricia Says There Is No Scenario Where Stafford Plays This Sunday

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John Maakaron

In Friday's media session, Matt Patricia expressed that Matthew Stafford will not be available to play Sunday against the Cowboys. 

When asked specifically if there was any possible scenario in which Stafford is able to suit up this week, Patricia replied, “Not this Sunday.”

This will be the second consecutive game in which Stafford will be inactive. 

The Lions lost 20-13 to the divisional rival Bears a week ago. 

In regards to Stafford's injury and the severity of it, Patricia declined to provide additional details. 

When asked whether Stafford is going to have further scans on his injured back, Patricia commented, "There's definitely a medical plan in place," and failed to elaborate further. 

Backup quarterback Jeff Driskel will get his second consecutive start. 

In Week 10 against Chicago, Driskel went 27-of-46 for 269 yards and a touchdown. He also threw an interception in his Lions debut. 

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Roaring Stafford9
Roaring Stafford9

NO Stafford = NO victories it's not me being negative it's just facts it's such a unfortunate event because I believe with Stafford we do have a chance to beat the cowboys and then go on to beat Washington and then beat the bears on Thanksgiving I truly do believe that probably wouldn't beat Dallas even with staff but I think it would be very possible without him not a chance in He**. even though the D is so bad and can't stop anything having Staff play gives us such a high chance to compete because we can score with him on the field anyway hope I'm wrong and they can pull the victory off against Dallas everyone have a good day GO DETROIT🦁