What They're Saying: Manu Would Feel 'Great' Facing Hutchinson

Notable quotes from members of Lions' 2024 Draft class.
Detroit Lions offensive lineman Giovanni Manu (59) practices during rookie minicamp at Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions offensive lineman Giovanni Manu (59) practices during rookie minicamp at Detroit Lions / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Here are quotes from the Detroit Lions' six-player 2024 Draft class following the first day of rookie minicamp.

Terrion Arnold

On his first impressions of Lions practice and adjusting to the NFL level: “Football always been football. Happy to be out here man, it’s everything I thought it would be. Just learning from coach Townsend and A.G. man, I’m happy to be here man. They’re gonna develop me into the man I want to become and also the player that everybody wants me to become. So I’m happy to be here.” 

His goals upon reaching Detroit: “First thing I wanted to do was this, come to practice. That’s out the way. Next thing I want to do is catch a pick-six in the stadium.” 

Ennis Rakestraw

How he felt on the first day of practice: "Got the blood going a little bit. Got to be out there with Terrion, y'all gonna meet him, he's really a clown-type of player. He works extremely hard. We were just happy to be out there with those guys. Everybody running full speed, we made mistakes today but we're gonna get better. It's day one."

Why he's wearing No. 15: "It was the best available. It was number 33 or number 15, I chose 15. The number don't make the player, the player makes the number. So I've got a job to do."

Gio Manu

On his introduction to the NFL: "Yeah, it was extremely fun. It's everything I expected. Coaches hold us all to a high expectation and the standard's really high. I expect no less from a great organization like this after a great season that they had. The expectation is to get back to that game that they ended in last year and hopefully go on (beyond) that. So the coaches were on us and I expected that. There's no other organization that I would want to play for that doesn't have a high expectation like that. So I'm extremely happy to be out here. A lot of work to still do and yeah, I'm happy to keep going."

On the increase in competition he'll face at the NFL level: "That's great, those are the guys I would want to face, right? I told the GM ,when I came here for the Draft experience, they asked me, 'If you were to go up against Aidan Hutchinson, how would you feel?' I feel great. Those are the guys I want to go up against, that's the reason why I want to be in this league, because I want to go up against the best. There's no other reason why I would want to be here other, I want to go up against the best and set myself up with those expectations."

Sione Vaki

His first experience with the NFL's new kickoff rule: "I think it's really fun. It brings a lot of life back to special teams, and then I feel like it puts my skill set out there to be able to show the team that I can execute on special teams."

On how much potential he has as a running back:"Man, that's what I'm here to find out. I feel like I'm in the best spot, best coaching, best place to be able to learn that and see what my potential is."

Mekhi Wingo

What he can learn from the veterans: "I'm looking very forward to it. I'm just a guy that, I want to soak in all the knowledge they can give me. I'm not a guy that's gonna come in, think I know everything. I'm starting at the bottom, so anything they can teach me, I'm gonna take it and run with it and try to add my own flare to it as well."

Christian Mahogany

On if his keg-stand touchdown celebration will be utilized in the NFL: "I hope so. I mean, if I'm able to score a touchdown in the NFL, that would be great. I'll take whatever comes with it. I've gotta talk to the guys maybe when I get to that role, so that would be huge."

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