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Ben McAdoo's Plan if Foreman Can't Go, Geno's Success, Offense Showing Confidence + More

Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo previews this week's game against Seattle.

Why Geno Smith has had so much success this year

"He's a worker. He's a show-up early guy, stay-late guy. He took some young players in the locker room under his wing, so there's definitely some leadership there. He's an aggressive player. He's a confident player, and that's earned. He has a good knowledge of defenses. He just has that confidence and that swagger. And when you go through tough times in this league as every quarterback goes through, sometimes that can fluctuate, it can go up and down. Not with him. He's a very confident player, has a tremendous skillset, sees the game well."

If D'Onta Foreman can't play Sunday

"We've got a bunch of backs here who we have confidence in and who are capable players. We have some linemen who have a say in how we run the ball and some tight ends. Our quarterback is keeping us in the right play and our receivers have been doing a nice job blocking. We have confidence in our ball carriers whoever that may be on Sunday. We're going to run the ball regardless."

Gameplanning with Sam Darnold at QB

"It's only my second game here with Sam, so I'm still learning about Sam. Had a couple plays in the preseason and played one game together here recently, so I'm still learning about Sam and he's still learning about me. We just got to keep our lines of communication open."

How QBs can resurrect their career like Geno has

"Sometimes these guys can be put in some tough spots. And as long as inside of them they have some toughness and they can persevere and they can keep that confidence in themselves in tough times, they always have the talent to come out of it on the back end. You're seeing that with Geno and that's just a part of playing the game. These guys go through a lot when they come up through the ranks and they get a chance to play in this league so sometimes they just need to get in the right situation and certainly that's where Geno is right now."

The offense showing some confidence lately

"I think what you're seeing is it took us a little bit to figure out how we needed to play. It took us a little while to figure out who our offense was. We've played with some different quarterbacks and as you get going through the season and you're in the first year of an offense, sometimes it takes a little bit longer to figure things out and get going. That's my job and I was a little slow there. Certainly, we don't have everything figured out. We're still a work in progress but we have guys with a lot of confidence. We're just trying to put guys in position to be successful."

How challenging it has been working through multiple starting QBs

"It's not easy, but I'm in the room every day. We try to have open lines of communication as much as possible. But yeah, I'm in the room with those guys every day. I trust them. When you have guys in and out sometimes, it does make it challenging but we're more than capable of overcoming it."

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