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Instant Thoughts + Grades on Panthers 1st Round Pick CB Jaycee Horn

Our staff gives their thoughts on the Panthers first round pick.

Schuyler Callihan: C

Carolina passed up on Ohio State QB Justin Fields for what I believe is the second-best cornerback in this year's draft. Don't get me wrong, I like Horn but if the Panthers were going to go corner at No. 8 it should have been Alabama's Patrick Surtain II. Drafting Fields would have given them a true QB competition with two young quarterbacks. It seems like it's all Sam Darnold for now and that's not the best situation to be in. 

Blake Johnson: C+

I love Horn. He would be my CB1 in this draft. However, I think he would have been there later on for the Panthers. The door was open for Carolina to trade down and still get their guy but it wasn’t taken. Time will tell if passing on Fields or Slater was the smart move. The defensive run for Rhule continues after selecting all defensive players in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jason Hewitt: D

The only reason why it's even this high is because the Panthers needed a CB. Jaycee Horn isn't even the best corner in the draft. He has the confidence and the swagger, but he is extremely grabby. That isn't a good trait in today's NFL. Justin Fields and Rashawn Slater were right there, and they passed on both of them for a player who in my opinion wasn't even the best defensive back in the draft. Defense wins championships, but Horn is too much of a risk at No. 8, especially when you have FIelds and Slater sitting right there.

Matt Welch: C

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I don’t hate the pick. The Panthers should have traded back, though, if Horn was their guy. Someone had to have wanted Justin Fields and would have given something up to get him at No. 8. But I’m optimistic that Horn is going to pan out.

Billy Riccette: B+

I get the disappointment that this wasn't a QB, but I believe Horn is brimming with upside and the Panthers needed someone opposite Donte Jackson. Passing on Fields and Slater is certainly tough but I definitely do not hate the pick, as I have become a big fan of Horn.

Josh Altforer: C-

The Panthers continue to bolster the defense at all costs. The cost this time was passing up on a possible franchise QB in Justin Fields and a solid OT in Rashawn Slater. Jaycee Horn is a talented corner but was not as polished as Patrick Surtain II who was also available at No. 8. Corner was a much-needed position to address but the story of this pick will always go back to what the team left on the board.

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