REPORT: Panthers are 'Quietly Keeping an Eye on Deshaun Watson'

Could Carolina really make a move for the Texans star QB?
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The Carolina Panthers traded for Sam Darnold earlier this offseason but they could be on the verge of making another move at the position. According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Panthers are "quietly keeping an eye on Deshaun Watson". 

Hearing that the Panthers are interested in Watson isn't surprising considering that GM Scott Fitterer has repeatedly stated over and over that they will be "in on every deal". That doesn't necessarily mean they will make a move for Watson but you can be assured that Fitterer has done his homework on Watson's situation and probably has a good idea of what it would take in order to acquire him. 

Watson currently has 22 pending civil lawsuits against him which is keeping teams from jumping all over the opportunity to trade for him. At this point, it doesn't look like Watson will be appearing in court until sometime after the season so one would believe that he would see the field this year. It's just a matter if the risk is worth the reward and if the allegations against him come out to be true, then you have to deal with the circumstances that come along with that. 

Sure, the Panthers may be "quietly keeping an eye" on Watson but I would be surprised to see them pull the trigger on a deal to land him. They have a 23-year-old quarterback in Sam Darnold who still has a chance to develop into a solid starting quarterback. I would imagine that rolling with Darnold is probably in the team's best interest despite how talented Watson is.


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