Panthers Roundtable: Will Carolina Draft Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields in 2021?

Schuyler Callihan

Many believe that the Carolina Panthers will be one of a handful of teams that will be in contention for the number one overall pick in 2021. There is belief that should the Panthers finish in the bottom three of the league, that the team would select a quarterback with their top pick. Today, we discuss whether or not the Panther will be in position to take one of the top quarterbacks in next year's draft class.

Jason Hewitt:

"I don’t think the Panthers will draft a quarterback in 2021, because I expect Bridgewater to have a decent season. He probably won’t blow anyone away statistically, but he has a winning mentality that should help him lead the team to a few victories. I anticipate that the team will continue to focus on defense in next year’s draft, since that’s where many of its weaknesses are. We will see how this season plays out, though."

Schuyler Callihan:

"I've gone on the record several times saying that I don't believe Teddy Bridgewater is a 'bridge' quarterback. For the Panthers to select Lawrence or Fields, they have to be somewhere in the top three picks of the draft. Don't get me wrong, Carolina will have a top ten pick in the 2021 draft, but the Panthers offense will be too explosive in 2020 and push them out of contention for either of these quarterbacks. Trey Lance could also be an option, but if Bridgewater steps up to the plate as I expect, there's no reason for Carolina to be looking for another signal caller."

Do you think the Panthers will be in position to draft Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I think they need too see where they are wright now an see how they do this year then make a move on how they stand after this season.

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