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Quick Hits: Joe Brady Talks Red Zone Issues, Tommy Tremble's Progress + More

Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Joe Brady met with the media prior to Thursday's practice.

RE: Possible changes on offensive line

"We're going into it with the mindset that we're still working through everything and the best five players are going to be the ones that are going to play."

RE: If Tommy Tremble can help in protection and in pass game

"Tommy, the tight ends, I think they all bring a unique characteristic to this offense and those are all guys that we need to continue to get involved and find ways to move him [Tommy] around and help. Tommy has been coming to work. He's a first year player and there's going to be some bumps and bruises but he comes to work every single day and he stays late. You've got the Colin Thompson's of the world that are kind of taking him under the wing and showing him the ways, so he's going to continue to get better as the year goes on."

RE: Red zone issues

"You're going to come out of every single game and have things you need to improve on whether it's 3rd down, run game, red zone. You turn on the tape this past game and when you fumble the ball in the red zone on 4th & 1 and you don't get it, you walk off the field it feels bad. We had a couple of opportunities. You think of the seam route to Ian Thomas, you complete it you're feeling a lot better about yourself. You had opportunities down there but if you're not executing it, then we have to continue to harp upon it. It's not an issue of not practicing it or anything like that. Everyone's just got to kind of do their job and just play within the system and good things will happen."

RE: McCaffrey leading the team in receiving

"I think a lot of that has to do to when you're playing Coach Saleh's defense, you play that Seattle Seahawk-type single high zone. They do a great job of looking up the over routes and it does open up checkdowns. A lot of Christian's balls this week intentionally in the gameplanning process of hey if they're going to take it over top, check the ball down underneath. Some of those completions aren't set in there as a called design to check it down. It's just a good job by Sam of not forcing it."

RE: Managing McCaffrey's workload

"Yeah, we have a great sports science staff here that does a great job of factoring player load, time on their feet and all of that stuff. That's obviously stuff that we all take into consideration and they relay to us reps and what guys need. Those are the easy decisions that I don't always have to make the decision at, the sports science people do a great job of that."

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