Quick Hits: Phil Snow Talks Improved Pass Rush, Jaycee Horn, Saints Offense + More

Carolina Panthers defensive coordinator Phil Snow met with the media prior to Thursday's practice.
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RE: Jameis Winston

"He can really throw the football, he's got good movement - he's fun to watch. He threw a bunch of picks the one year but he threw a bunch of touchdowns too now. First ballgame he threw five touchdowns. He can throw the ball, that's not a problem at all."

RE: Alvin Kamara

"Well, he's one of the best. He can really run the football and he's outstanding in the passing game. There's certain coverages that you don't really want to play because they match him on a backer. He's a dual-threat and he can takeover the football game. They're going to get and make plays but they just can't control the game. If they do, you're not going to beat them."

RE: Saints offense

"They operate at a high level as far as execution. If you watch them, very few times does the ball hit the ground. Very few times do they penalize themselves where it hurts them. I mean. we have really got to execute against them. I don't think they get enough credit for how good they are up front. Their offensive line, they run the football and they protect the quarterback, so it's one of the best offenses in the league and they have been for a while. They have one of the best play callers."

RE: Importance of DT DaQuan Jones

"When the gaps inside are solidified, it really helps the backers. People don't get to them. The o-line is trying to stay on the doubles longer and so that's a great benefit to a linebacker. And then knowing he's going to be where he's supposed to be so you can be where you're supposed to be. 

RE: Corn Elder's value this week

"Well, he knows the system pretty well because he played a lot of football for us last year so he could possibly be in there and help us."

RE: Increased pass rush from last year

"One, we've added some good pass rushers. Burns can really rush on one side and now we have Haason on the other side. But we have a number of different guys that can play there though. [Marquis] Haynes has really improved as a rusher. And then we have two guys inside that we added, Morgan [Fox], Yetur [Gross-Matos] who is really starting to come on. The combination of that has helped us generate pressure. And I think our disguise is better."

RE: How Jaycee Horn performed in his first game

"Good. He doesn't get rattled. He got beat at the end of the game on that third down and after the game, I saw him in the parking lot and he said, 'Coach, I'll get one for you next week.' That's just who he is, onto the next play and you got to be that way as a corner. I really enjoy watching him play. He's going to be a really good corner in this league."

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