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Quick Hits: Phil Snow's Work Ethic, Injury Updates, Slow 2nd Half Starts + More

Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule met with the media Tuesday following Tuesday's practice.

Evaluation of Texans' rookie QB Davis Mills

"When Davis went in it was pretty much the same thing. They got under center a little bit more. I think we're just trying to work with all of the different concepts we've seen. We went back to the preseason games and got a chance to see Davis there. We obviously prepared for him in the draft, so we have a good book on him in terms of the things we do really well. He's an excellent young quarterback. I thought he played really well. Had some adversity early on, a backed-up situation but in the two-minute, they had a chance to make it a one-score game. We're also preparing for Jeff Driskel. I don't think much really changes on our end and it really can't on such a short week."

What makes Phil Snow a good defensive coordinator

"Number one, he has a great staff and he listens and works with his staff. All of those guys bring something special to the table. There are guys that have been with Phil for a long time, there are guys that came in last year. But Phil is just a worker. I was his grad assistant and he used to yell to me 'is that coffee pot broken?' I had to go check and make sure he had a cup of coffee. He is a special man, a great coach. I've never coached a game as a head coach without him as my defensive coordinator. We won at Temple in the 4-3. We won at Baylor with a 3-2 stack, we came here last year playing 4-3 over and switched played a little bit of hybrid 3-3. Now, we're to the point where we're playing under, we're playing bear, we're playing over, we still have all the 3-3 stuff. I think Phil just does an amazing job of taking stock of what he has personnel-wise and what they do well. He's just going to work. He doesn't get too high, he doesn't get too low. If we have success, it doesn't matter to him. We finished the game on Sunday and I don't think he left the building. He literally showered, grabbed a sandwich downstairs, and then walked back upstairs and started working. He came in in the morning and we had to remind him to COVID test because he hadn't been out and come back in yet."

Slow starts in 2nd half

"We have to be better obviously but I'm so focused on this week and just kind of moving ahead. It's unique, I told the guys I woke up today it's Tuesday but it's also Friday. It's Tuesday after a game but it's Friday before a game. I think when we go back and look at the times where we don't have success on offense or defense, for us it's all about our execution, our assignments. We're a team that doesn't want to have a ton of "my bads". We just want to go out there and everyone do their job and understand we control how we play. 

Yetur Gross-Matos injury update

"He was feeling like he could probably play this game. I don't think he'll play this game. I'm hopeful for next week It's a low ankle, it's not a high ankle. I'm not a doctor so we'll have to wait and see. I know he was thinking 'hey, I felt good so maybe I have a chance' but I just don't see it happening."

Morgan Fox injury update

"Yeah, I think Morgan will have a chance to go. He'll have to wake up on game day, get to the game. If you know Morgan Fox, that's a true pro. That's a guy that wants to play. He's doing everything possible to be able to get himself ready to play. I think he'll have a chance to be ready to go."

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