Jerry Richardson Statue Will Not Return to Bank of America Stadium

Schuyler Callihan

Back in early June, the Carolina Panthers decided to remove the statue of former team owner Jerry Richardson outside of Bank of America Stadium.

At the time, statues all across the country were being vandalized and broken in response to the unlawful shooting of George Floyd. The decision to remove the statue was the right call according to Tepper. 

"It was a safety reason at the time. With the environment, every statue in the country was coming under attack. It just made sense at all standpoints to move that statue," Tepper said. "I don't think things will ever be quieted down. That's that, nor should they, in some respects."

Richardson sold the team back in 2017 after allegations arose of him for paying off workers that he sexually harassed and made racial slurs toward.

Panthers safety Tre Boston told Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network earlier this summer that Richardson restricted his players from going out and peacefully protesting back in 2016, which did not sit well with many people. 

Boston feels that the team's new ownership is doing things the right way and said the players appreciate Tepper for his willingness to just listen to what the players have to say.

"I think [David] Tepper does a great job of supporting what his players support, being able to communicate with us and I appreciate him for that. He does a great job of at least listening to us, hearing us out. We appreciate what Tepper does and what the Tepper's do for this organization."

Tepper continues to want to be a part of the change that is needed in the country and has done so by not only listening to the players, but has also created some diversity within the organization.

"From my perspective, one thing we've tried to do at the Panthers and will try to do harder is the diversity of our workforce. I think we've done a fairly good job at the upper-management level. We've done an OK job through the corporation," Tepper said. "I think we've got to lead in business in this regard."

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Lmao tapper acts like he founded the Panthers uhh no you didn't your new team is going to suck I hope you lose every game for the next 25 years I will never buy anything that has Panthers on it or watch it I'm selling all my Panthers shit so I can put my money on something real my harley davidson motorcycle f- the nfl good riddance

Jason Hewitt
Jason Hewitt

It is what it is. Good decision.


Good riddance. I appreciate that Richardson brought the franchise to life and to the Carolinas, but it’s another thing to have a statue of the dude.


Didn't know Tepper supported cancel culture... but it is his stadium now. At least put up a picture or something of Richardson