LOOK: Teddy Bridgewater Posing in Blue Panthers Jersey

Schuyler Callihan

Over the last week or so, the Carolina Panthers have officially welcomed their team back to Charlotte, including several newcomers such as quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Sunday afternoon, the Panthers released a photo of Bridgewater in his No. 5 jersey - the first we have seen of Bridgewater in his actual Carolina jersey and not in a photoshopped picture.

Bridgewater will take over the reigns of the offense after signing a three-year, $63 million deal earlier this offseason. He has some familiarity in the Panthers' offense as he and offensive coordinator Joe Brady were with the Saints from 2017-18. Brady was an offensive assistant with the team and although he didn't get to work with Bridgewater on a daily basis, he inherited much of the Saints system and much of what they will do in Carolina is something Bridgewater will be use to.

Last Wednesday, Panthers head coach Matt Rhule praised the new quarterback for his attitude and his work ethic. 

"He’s all football, he’s eaten up with the game. He likes to talk about it, he likes to think about it. He’s just got a great way about him, but he likes football. If it were up to him, he’d be up here all day and going through it and I think that’s important because only half a quarterback is the physical stuff.

“Teddy knows him so well and he and Joe have kind of a great relationship, a football relationship as a result of it, where they can talk about level 3 and level 4 coaching points because Teddy has been in it. Teddy has worked in it and the things that Joe added or changed or brought from college, Teddy has picked up on so quickly. And if you get to know Teddy, his demeanor is so good - he’s all football and they seem like they’re off to a great start."

What do you think of Teddy Bridgewater in a Panthers uniform? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and discuss!

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Jason Hewitt
Jason Hewitt

The blue jerseys >>>>> any other jersey