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Multiple Panthers Protest in "Justice Walk"

Shaq Thompson, Tre Boston, and others participated

One of the most notable qualities about the Carolina Panthers organization is how active its members are in the community. The murder of George Floyd ignited a worldwide response to police brutality and racism. As the protests all over the country continue, more NFL players are starting to participate in the cause against police brutality. Among these players, some notable Carolina Panthers protested in the Charlotte community. This includes LB Shaq Thompson, S Tre Boston, and  TE Chris Manhertz.

The players who were involved used their influence to attract more people to the event. Shaq Thompson tweeted this prior to the protest:

The protest at Dilworth/Myers Park yesterday allowed for hundreds of protesters to have their voices heard for local law enforcement to listen to. According to CBS-WBTV, the protest was advertised as a "family-friendly" event that intended on being peaceful.

The march stopped at Queens Road and Selwyn Avenue where everyone knelt for nine minutes and shouted, “I can’t breathe.” Those were the words George Floyd said to former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who knelt on Floyd’s neck and back while being recorded on video by onlookers.

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Food and water were provided at the protest that consisted of people from all ages and backgrounds. Here's one of many videos of the event:

The Panthers have always been active in the community, and this is just one of many shining examples. Do what you can to help yours as well. Feel free to donate to your local activist charities or even attend a protest against police brutality if you want. Just be sure to be safe during this very tumultuous time in this country.

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