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REPORT: NFL Helmet Decals to Feature Police Brutality Victims

The NFL is taking a stand against racism

Social justice has been a major topic of conversation in the sports world as of late due to the recent police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless other victims. The worldwide protests have continued throughout the summer, and it seems like they will not be going away any time soon, despite the lack of media coverage in comparison to when they first started. Shaq Thompson, Tre Boston, Chris Manhertz, and Andre Smith have all contributed to the cause by protesting. Fortunately, they are not alone.

The NFL has taken an anti-racist stance on the matter after many of its players spoke out on police brutality and the systemic racism that occurs in America. To follow this up, it was recently reported that players will be able to wear helmet decals that feature victims of police brutality. 

It was announced that the NBA players will feature social justice messages on their jerseys during the remainder of their seasons. It seems highly likely that this may have inspired the NFL to take a similar approach. 

While having the victims' names on helmet decals won't be as noticeable on television screens as having "Black Lives Matter" on the back of the jerseys, it does seem like a nice gesture toward the movement. Hopefully, the NFL will continue to make an active effort towards social justice. 

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