Ron Rivera Explains Why Cam Newton is Still a Free Agent

Schuyler Callihan

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback and 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton is still without a new home. Thanks to the coronavirus and bad timing of his release, Newton remains a free agent in June.

In an interview with FOX Sports' Jay Glazer, former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera explained why he believes the talented quarterback is still on the open market.

"I think that's probably the biggest thing, more than anything else. You've got to know. The foot and the shoulder will be the two biggest concerns everybody has. I will say this, though, from the people that are around him that I know, they've all said the same thing to me. They've said, ‘Coach, he looks great. He really does,'" Rivera said.

With his injury history it makes sense for teams to be a little cautious about giving him a big chunk of change or investing into him as a starting quarterback. At the age of 31, wear and tear can take a toll on a quarterback's body and Cam Newton has endured a lot of hits over the years due to a shaky offensive line.

Newton will eventually find his way back onto an NFL roster, but where he lands is the biggest question that no one around the league knows.

Do you agree that injuries are the reason Cam Newton remains unsigned? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Comments (9)
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Tepper is an unfeeling “ass”. A lesson to future FA’s and draftees. Stay away from the Panthers. You’ll be kicked to the curb as well. From Zipper.


I think someone should give can Newton a chance some team needs to give him a shot to prove himself .I like can Newton even though I'm not Panthers fan I'm a redskins and Ravens fan .but I do like cam newton.i have upmost respect for him as quarterback he is decent pretty good quarterback he just has his struggles at times because he didn't have no front line to protect him so at times he had to use his legs and run the ball himself.i would have loved for him to came to DC and be redskin.under his old coach.


I think Cam is wise! Cam is humble! Cam has never tried to hog all the glory for anything from the teammates, nor has he hogged all the glory from the coaches, just for himself!

If he wasn’t humble, why would he be found, feeding the hungry and homeless ! Why would Cam have spent millions on helping others and the youth?
Humbleness involves giving back like he has done for years!

Cam helped the team win the division championships, more than one time, too!
The team wasn’t doing nothing for years, before Cam! How quickly have you forgotten??
Stop nitpicking forever, on this man’s back, for every little thing!

Cam is great! God will open a door soon!!


It’s so sad you would reduce this man down to some video! This man busted his behind for this team for nine years and helped them receive greatness on a national level!
Nobody knew the Carolina Panthers hardly, in this new generation, before Cam become the new quarterback! They use to lose all the time! Cam helped to bring them back!

You say you love , Cam, and say he did it to himself, and the players have spoken up for him, too, in how they blindsided him???

You can’t be serious! Have you listened to any of the other quarterbacks for the last 10 years, and their records, too, and how they still kept their jobs!

Cam hasn’t done nothing to himself! The administration did it to him over and over again!
Have you heard what or read what his teammates and the fans, said, too???
It’s so sad you feel Cam got treated right! His mouth is not
no worse than all the other 31 teams’ quarterbacks!
Why keep doing this to this man! This man has done so much Charity work, too and one of the greatest players. He was a Walter Peyton Man Of The Year, Finalist this year. This was done and voted on by his team and players to select him! Also, by the fans, had a major role!


True... he needs to learn how to be humble and shut up. If he gets a job he better learn how to be wiser.


I love Can Newton, but, Cam is a free agent because of his mouth. The "Commitment" video is the reason Cam is out of Carolina. If you remember, everybody in the organization was saying we were going to move forward with Cam. Then when that came out just before the Scouting Combine, things started changing. You can't have a new everything and make ideal threats to your leadership at your job and expect to keep it, especially when you haven't played like a MVP since your MVP season. Now everyone is asking themselves, " Do I really want to deal with a very out spoken QB that hasn't produced in a very long time. So far the team have all said no! I'm going to say it again, CAM NEWTON DID IT TO HIMSELF!


The Carolina Panthers fans won’t forget how ,Cam Newton, got treated by the the team’s administrators!


Ron Rivera knows Cam Newton! He spent 9 years coaching him!
Cam helped Ron become famous, too!

It’s a shame he wouldn’t and didn’t help Cam when he got his new coaching job, with The Washington Redskins. He acts like Cam was just with him for a short time and with all Cam had accomplished for his team.

As a minority coach, too, he knows what Cam has been put through!

It saddens me that he would pull
in other quarterbacks over Cam the way he did!
Cam was super dedicated to The Panthers!!
Why do they want to cheat Cam out of his true value, when other quarterbacks have gotten hurt, and wasn’t thrown away the way they did Cam?
They want to pay Cam less than some of the running backs make! They underpaid him compared to other quarterbacks, who hadn’t done as much!

Ron Rivera seems to have forgotten the bridge that helped him, too and that’s Cam Newton!
Carolina Panther’s seemed to have gotten away with how they released Cam, but the fans will not forget it!