Xavier Legette Could Be Bryce Young's WR1 as a Rookie

Fans can expect big things from the Panthers' 2024 first-round pick.
Jun 4, 2024; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers wide receiver Xavier Legette (17) throws  during OTAs.
Jun 4, 2024; Charlotte, NC, USA; Carolina Panthers wide receiver Xavier Legette (17) throws during OTAs. / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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A year ago, Bryce Young only had one reliable option to throw the ball to, a 32-year-old Adam Thielen.

This season, Young has a couple more weapons he can trust in Diontae Johnson and Xavier Legette. Is it possible, though, for Legette to emerge as WR1 as a rookie? Normally, I would say no. But with this situation, it's absolutely realistic. Thielen is another year older (apologies to Adam for bringing that up again), and Johnson has had issues with drops and confidence all throughout his career.

Legette doesn't have to be special to become Young's favorite target, although he just may be.

The size, speed, athleticism, and attention to detail this young man has is incredible. I try not to get to bold with predicting how rookies will do when to this point we've only seen them in shorts and helmets, but the game just looks easy for him. He has the look of a guy that's been in the league for a handful of years and has full confidence in every aspect of his game.

As far as what he actually brings to the offense, he's the most versatile receiver on the roster. He can stretch the field vertically, win 50/50 balls, carve defenses up in the middle of the field, rack up yards after the catch, work in the slot just as well as the outside - a pure nightmare for opposing defenses.

"The versatility is huge for us," head coach Dave Canales said following the draft. "When you get a guy who can really run, who can high-point the ball, a guy that can carry it...you can give him the ball in different ways. He just brings a lot of versatility."

I wouldn't expect it to happen overnight, but don't be surprised that if halfway through the season Legette becomes that guy for Young.


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