NFL Rumors: Jets Will Get 'Creative' in Trying to Sign Soon to be Free Agent Joe Thuney

Devon Clements

Earlier this week, it was reported by Tony Pauline of Pro Football Network that there are 20 teams interested in guard Joe Thuney's services when he becomes a free agent on March 18. Though he did not mention any teams specifically that are interested in the Patriots' star-studded offensive lineman, on Friday he reported at least one team that is: the New York Jets. 

Here is what Pauline said about the Jets' desire to sign Thuney: 

"Earlier this week I mentioned the huge market developing for veteran guard Joe Thuney, soon to be a free agent. That market, and any contract Thuney may sign, will explode further once the Washington Redskins sign Brandon Scherff to an extension or place the franchise tag on him, as is being reported.

"I mentioned during the Senior Bowl that the New York Jets are one of the teams seeking Thuney’s services and someone today told me, 'they want him,' in reference to the Jets’ ambitions of signing the offensive guard.

"With Thuney being courted by so many teams, the question is this – does he want the Jets? A team official I spoke with said signing Thuney will be tough for the Jets, so they’ll have to be creative."

Pauline also suggested a way in which New York can convince Thuney to sign with one of his former team's biggest rivals.

"One way they may be able to bring Thuney to Gang Green is by offering a contract similar to the one Kirk Cousins signed; a shorter but guaranteed contract. The idea of a three-year deal with a high average annual salary may be appealing to Thuney, as he’ll be just 30 years old once the contract ends and could potentially be in line for another huge deal."

It would be really uncomfortable seeing Thuney play New England twice a year while wearing green and white, especially after having such an unexpected rise to stardom with the six-time Super Bowl champions. Here's to hoping another team can outbid the Jets for one of the best offensive lineman in the NFL. 

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Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

This would be a big signing for the Jets. It might be worth the Patriots time to franchise him and then trade him to ensure he doesn't go to a division rival.

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