LISTEN: Here's 911 Call That Led to Antonio Brown's Issued Arrest Warrant

Devon Clements

Police in Hollywood, FL issued an arrest warrant for former NFL receiver Antonio Brown Wednesday night after Brown was charged with burglary with battery stemming from an incident between Brown, his trainer, Glenn Holt, and a moving company truck driver. 

The audio of the 911 call made by the moving company truck driver has been obtained by TMZ Sports. During the call, the truck driver claims Brown had smoked in front of him during the incident, and was clearly high on something. 

"The guy is high, he smoked, he threatened me. He's trying to fight, he throws stones at my truck," the driver told dispatch. 

After detailing how aggressive Brown was towards him, ripping his shirt off, bruising him, and injuring his shoulder, the driver then went back to Brown's house once he finally received payment from the former All-Pro receiver for his services. However, when he went back to Brown's house, an another altercation ensued, which included Brown and Holt forcibly trying to get the key's out of the moving company truck's ignition, doing more harm to the driver, while also damaging the items in the back of the truck, some of which did not belong to Brown. 

"They are running like crazy," the driver said during the 911 call. 

To hear the entire call made by the driver, which led to an arrest warrant being issued for Brown, click here. 



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An absolute shame. What a waste of talent. Even after his success with Pittsburgh, he had the opportunity to recreate that same success or even more, yet he flushed it away. They say Aaron Hernandez had a mental disablity which could only be verified with an autopsy. Maybe it explains alot of what he did, however, I doubt the victims families took much comfort in that and I don't blame them. Antonio Brown has to be the stupidest NFL player (ex) alive or he suffers from the same ailment that Hernandez"possibly" did.


It's gotten to a point where its just really sad. He needs help.

Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

It's something new everyday with this guy.