Rob Gronkowski Addresses Rumors of Him Wanting to Join Buccaneers (Kind of)

"Leroy, you gotta stay quiet, man."
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Last week, PFT Commentator's dog, Leroy, sparked rumors when he shared some speculation that former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski would be willing to come out of retirement to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play with his former teammate, Tom Brady. 

It was a bit of a wild take, as the Patriots still hold the rights to Gronkowski since he has not officially filed his paperwork for retirement yet, so a trade or release of some sort would have to take place for Gronkowski to make his way to the Buccaneers. 

Despite it just being a rumor, that didn't stop Gronkowski from addressing it (kind of) while on Instagram Live Wednesday night, which gives the story stronger legs. 

Although time and time again the future Hall of Fame tight end has gone out of his way to express how much he is enjoying retirement, if he did return to football it wouldn't be a surprise. We've seen in the past how difficult it is for NFL players that played at such a high level to walk away from football and stay away. Brett Favre is the best example of this, as he came out of retirement three separate times because his love for the game was too strong to give up playing. 

A fresh start with a new team would be very enticing for a player with a personality like Gronkowski's. After spending his career under a strict regiment in New England, he may like the idea of going down to Florida where it's always warm, there's no state income taxes, and he could play with the greatest QB of all-time and one of his closest friends, Tom Brady. 

It's also worth noting that rumors have surfaced once again recently that Tampa Bay is looking to trade former first round pick O.J. Howard, which would open up a spot at tight end.