Rob Gronkowski’s Appearance on SmackDown Highlights Weird Times We Are Facing

A WWE performance in an empty venue just isn't the same.

The norms of everyday society have taken a drastic turn as of late. COVID-19 is to blame for that, which keeps many of us in our homes or scrambling to the nearest grocery store to grab canned vegetables, toilet paper, evaporated milk, etc. 

While many sporting events have been canceled because of the infectious disease in an attempt to reduce the spread of it, there are other events still taking place, but don't quite have the same feel to them given the circumstances. 

Take Friday Night Smackdown for example. Their event was still held last night, but without any fans spectating the event at the venue. While former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski got to make his first appearance since signing his contract with WWE a little over a week ago, seeing him - along with the other wrestlers - go about their business in an empty, quiet stadium was odd, awkward, and overall - not the same. It really highlighted the weird times we face as a country right now. 

Take a look at some video from Friday Night Smackdown on March 21, and see for yourself how the dramatized event just isn't the same without fans filling the room with sound and emotion: