Chopra: 'Man in the Arena' Is Not Tom Brady's 'The Last Dance'

"The premise [of The Last Dance] was telling stories about the seasons, whereas [Brady’s], it does feel a little bit more real time."

Last week, Tom Brady announced that ESPN would be working hand-in-hand with the veteran QB to create a nine-part documentary called Man in the Arenawhich will be about the future Hall of Fame quarterback's career over the past two decades.

While there wasn't a whole lot of information given about the documentary at first, The MMQB's Albert Breer spoke with producer Gotham Chopra - who will be producing Man in the Arena - to get a better idea of what we should expect from the must-see TV series in 2021. 

Here are the details Chopra gave to Breer:

- Each of the nine episodes will focus on one of the Patriots' Super Bowl seasons. 

- Man in the Arena will not be Tom Brady's version of The Last Dance. Here is what Chopra said:

“It’s not Tom Brady’s Last Dance,” he said. “It’s not that. That may or may not exist 20 years from now, I don’t know. There’s this sort of immediacy to this.… The premise [of The Last Dance] was telling stories about the seasons, whereas [Brady’s], it does feel a little bit more real time. Tom continues to be an active player. So the idea is, ‘O.K., let’s talk about these nine seasons, this incredible body of work across 20 years, and how it’s still sort of affecting him.’”

- The only time Brady's personal life will be intertwined into the documentary will be in regards to how him as a person affects him as a player. 

- Spygate and Deflategate - which both took place during seasons in which New England went to a Super Bowl - will be touched upon in the documentary. 

- The interviewing process is already underway for the nine-part series, with people like head Coach Bill Belichick and former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe on the list of people they would like to interview for the show. 

- The film crew won't follow Brady in Tampa Bay day-to-day. That means that either A) they may not touch upon his time with the Buccaneers at all (unless he wins a Super Bowl) or B) his time with the Bucs may be touched upon lightly in some form, but not extensively. 

- Brady's departure from New England will be covered "in any way it may fit into the larger stories of those nine years (when they went to a Super Bowl)." 

- NFL Films will also be involved in the making of the documentary.