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NFL Expert Reveals 'Favorite' for Bill Belichick's Team After New England Patriots

A new report suggests New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick could be heading to the Los Angeles Chargers after his time in Foxboro ends.

With the New England Patriots sitting at a historic low point due to their 2-8 record, it feels like Bill Belichick's legendary run with the franchise is coming to an end. But how will that happen? 

Will the Patriots and owner Robert Kraft let Belichick finish out the already disastrous and unsavable season? If so, will Belichick retire or seek another job? 

All of those are relevant questions that are seemingly becoming the bigger story surrounding the Patriots rather than the failure that has led to this point. 

However, a new report from Gary Meyers, a Pro Football Hall of Fame voter and best-selling author, has stoked the flames of the fire that is: "What's next" for Belichick? 

"One of my well-placed sources believe the Chargers are the favorites for Bill Belichick in 2024, ..." Meyers writes in a follow-up Twitter post to one where he predicted that the Patriots coach would go to the Dallas Cowboys

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick (left) and Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert (right).

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick (left) and Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert (right).

Meyers' report comes the day after ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky stated in an interview on The Pat McAfee Show that he's heard Belichick will coach again once he parts ways with the Patriots and that his next team has already been chosen.

Orlovsky declined to reveal any potential teams or anything that he had heard about the matter, as he reminded McAfee that he wasn't a "reporter." Yet, that didn't stop the topic from being discussed further by the talk-show host, who did mention the Chargers as a potential team for Belichick. Meyers' report has now given this mere suggestion more credence.

"Excellent QB; team ready to win; Belichick likes California and the beach," Meyers said about the potential fit between Belichick and the Chargers. 

For the 71-year-old Belichick, a rebuilding team wouldn't make sense as he tries to secure the 18 wins he needs to surpass Don Shula's all-time wins record. Which makes the Chargers a potential fit. But why not the Cowboys?

"He shot down my theory of Belichick to the Cowboys," Meyers said of his source. "He had an interesting reason why [Bill] Parcells would not push Belichick to Dallas: He said Belichick already won the Super Bowl (6 of them) in New England, where Parcells didn't win any in his four seasons with the Patriots. He doesn't think that Parcells would want Belichick winning the Super Bowl with a second team Parcells didn't win the ring."

On the surface, the reasoning seems sound. Due to Belichick and Parcells holding a close relationship, it would make sense that he'd want to protect his mentor's legacy. 

However, as our own Mike Fisher has also recently reported, if Belichick wants the same powers he had in New England - which is being the de facto general manager - Dallas doesn't seem like the perfect fit. Owner Jerry Jones currently carries that title and has since purchasing the franchise in 1989.

The Chargers, on the other hand, could give Belichick that power, but they would have to do some moving and shaking in regard to coach Brandon Staley and general manager Tom Telesco.