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Super Shade: Patriots Hall of Famer Throws Doubt on 2022 Team

None other than the beloved Willie McGinest is predicting an underwhelming season for New England.

It's one thing if some website predicts the worst New England Patriots season in 21 years.

Another if the wise guys in Las Vegas set a low win total of 8.5 for a playoff team coming off a 10-7 season.

But one of New England's own? In fact, one of the organization's finest, most beloved players? Sure enough, the wide-spread, dire predictions about the Patriots' 2022 season have spread to even Willie McGinest.

Patriots - Willie McGinest analyst
Patriots - Willie McGinest rushing
Patriots - WIllie McGinest

These days an analyst on various platforms including NFL Network, McGinest was asked this week who would win the most games this season: Patriots or Las Vegas Raiders?

Mind you, the Raiders haven't topped New England's regular-season win total since the last time they went to the Super Bowl 20 years ago. But that didn't stop McGinest from throwing shade at his roots.

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Cue the blasphemy:

"I'm gonna go with the Raiders," McGinest said. "I'm going with Josh McDaniel's Raiders. Because I'm looking at a better team overall on paper. Talent-wise and with what happened last year ... I love me some Patriots ... but I just don't know. Look at the schedule and the Raiders probably will wind up 11-6. The Patriots lost a lot (from last season). But ... you can never underestimate the patriots. It hurts."

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McGinest was drafted No. 4 overall by the Pats in 1994 and became one of the greatest, most decorated players in franchise history. During his 12 seasons in New England he was named to two Pro Bowls, won three Super Bowls, earned a spot on both the team's All-1990s and -2000s teams and in 2015 was inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame.

He still holds NFL records with 16 total postseason sacks and 4.5 in a playoff game.