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Raiders vs. 49ers Could be the Fantasy Game of the Year

The Las Vegas Raiders' Week 17 matchup with the San Francisco 49ers will feature many NFL stars.

The release of the 2022 NFL schedule means many things, and Fantasy Football strategy is one of them.

While it might be months in the future, the Raiders will face the San Francisco 49ers in Week 17 of the regular season, a week that will be the ultimate "Fantasy Football Championship" for most fantasy leagues.

Considering both teams finished with the same 10-7 record in the 2021 season, it's reasonable to assume every final game for each team this coming season could hold great value for their postseason fate.

Each team's stars could feel the urge to shine their brightest in such a scenario. Here are the following assets that could make a big impact for Fantasy owners in the championship week:

Deebo Samuel

Samuel, one of the league's premiere stars in the 2021 season, has the potential to have another outstanding season for Fantasy Football owners.

In his third professional season, the star wideout made his first Pro Bowl appearance and was awarded first-team All-Pro honors.

Per FantasyData, Samuel ranked second among wide receivers in total fantasy points with 261.96.

Josh Jacobs

Jacobs has been the main guy in Las Vegas' backfield for a few seasons now, but he'll have much to prove with new young running backs trying to make a name for themselves within the organization.

FantasyData had Jacobs ranked 16th among running backs in the 2021 season with a total of 172 fantasy points.

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Brandon Aiyuk

Aiyuk has been a standout wideout in his two professional seasons as a 49er. He made 16 starts of his 17 appearances for San Francisco en route to its playoff trip. FantasyData ranked him at No. 34 for his position with a fantasy point total of 114.3.

Davante Adams

The name says it all. Adams has been one of the best receivers in the game for years now, and in what will be his first professional season with his college teammate, Derek Carr, NFL fans should expect to see a continuance of his dominance. 

FantasyData ranked Adams fifth among wide receivers in the 2021 season with a total of 221.3 fantasy points.

George Kittle

Kittle, a three-year Pro Bowler, was one of the league's best tight ends in the 2021 season. FantasyData ranked him at No. 4 for his position for last season with a fantasy total of 127 points.

Other notable mentions between the two teams include running back Elijah Mitchell, wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, and tight end Darren Waller.

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