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Answering Your Raiders, NFL Questions

Sports Illustrated's Raider Maven Publisher Hondo S. Carpenter answers the Silver and Black fans' questions each week in our weekly mailbag.

Henderson, Nev.--There is no fan base in the National Football League hungrier for information on their team than the Raider Nation. That is why each week, we offer a buffet of Silver and Black information as we answer your questions and emails as it pertains to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Hondo, I am not sure what I hate more, you or cancer. I know you work for the team, but your constant cheerleading makes me vomit. Go back to college football; you suck. --D. Jones

I think somebody needs a hug. Come on, buddy, I don't work for the Raiders. My job is to report what is going on. Things are good for the Raiders. But check this following email out.

Hondo, I know you only print emails from people that kiss your wide butt, but I hate you. You always hate on the Raiders. Go back to covering your losereines in Michigan. We don't need anyone else hating our team. --B. Meyer

First, I covered Michigan State and the Big Ten, but let's both hope the Wolverine are the loserines when they take on the Spartans a week from Saturday. I am sorry you think I hate the Raiders; I promise, if you read above, that I have people that think I only love them. So, I guess I am doing OK.

Hondo, if you had to guess today, I know it is a guess; who will be the next Raiders coach? -- Ken Miller

If the Raiders have a playoff season, I believe it will be Rich Bisaccia.

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Hondo, great call on Brandon Facyson being an impact guy. I was a little surprised when you said it, but he had a massive impact on Sunday. -- Love your work, Daily W.

Thank you, Daily. I love the name; with a name like Hondo, I love unique names.

Hondo, before Jon Gruden left, I heard you down here talking about Mike Mayock was a big Kenyan Drake guy.  You also said there were some that felt Gruden was holding him back. I thought it was telling how good KD was last week with Gruden gone. Hope to hear you back on the radio here in Alabama soon. --Trent F.

Mayock loved what Drake brought to the team. I am NOT saying Gruden didn't like him, but I am saying Mayock saw what you did on Sunday before they signed him.  I know there were some, (I am not saying Mayock), but some in the organization that felt the Raiders were underutilizing him.

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