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Coach Sean McVay "Totally Committed" To Rams

While he was indeed tempted by a move to broadcasting, head coach Sean McVay is "totally committed" to the Rams

Sean McVay reached the NFL's mountain top in February, leading the Rams to their first Super Bowl win in 23 years

And the youngest head coach to ever hoist the Lombardi Trophy, it surprised many to learn that McVay was considering the idea of leaving the sidelines for the opportunity to call games from the booth.

However, during NFL Combine interviews on Wednesday, McVay was clear that, while the idea was indeed tempting, he remains committed to bringing another championship to Los Angeles


“I love this game, I love coaching this game, I love working with the people," McVay said. "I just think the timing and everything that surrounded it, it’s very flattering. I’m humbled by it. To say that that’s not something down the line that I’m not very interested and intrigued by would not be accurate, but I’m totally committed to coaching."

Considering the success he has had at such a young age as a head coach, It is no surprise that McVay feels this way either.

Not only is he the youngest to ever win a title, beating Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin by just under 10 months, but McVay was the youngest coach hired in NFL history, and the youngest to reach a Super Bowl.

Combine that with the relationships he has developed during his time with the franchise, and it's clear that he is where he wants to be. 

“It doesn’t go lost on me the amount of people that took a chance on me when I was 30 years old as a head coach. The investment in these relationships with players, with coaches and I’m very, very excited. And as soon as you make that decision to move forward, the clarity and the peace that you had, you knew this is exactly what I wanted to do and there was never really a doubt.”


Either way, the option for McVay to move to a broadcasting position will likely always be there.

But coming off of a championship, with his team's competitive window still firmly open, and his energy level higher than ever, McVay doesn't appear to be close to hanging it up any time soon.

“I finished this season probably as refreshed and rejuvenated as I’ve ever been," McVay said. "I think a large part of that is being around coaches and players that give you that energy.”

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