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Ravens-Bills Week 4 Predictions Roundup

The Buffalo Bills are favored over the Baltimore Ravens by 4.5 points.

BALTIMORE — The predictions for the Ravens and Bills Week 4 matchup are mixed. 

Here's the Roundup

Ravens Country

Analysis: "On paper, this matchup favors the Bills. However, the Ravens are looking to avenge that Miami loss in the home opener and Buffalo is dealing with numerous injuries. The Ravens pull off the upset."

Prediction: Ravens 34, Bills 30

Analysis: "Buffalo's secondary is hurting at the wrong time, heading into another game against one of the league's top passing outfits. Then again, Baltimore doesn't have much beyond Lamar Jackson right now. The Ravens' running backs are stuck in quicksand, they are on their fourth left tackle, the run defense is struggling, and the rookies in the secondary are getting picked on. That's too many flaws for this Bills team to pick apart." 

Prediction: Bills 33, Ravens 28

USA Today

Analysis: "I think this is a bounce-back spot for Buffalo, but no one is playing football better right now than Lamar Jackson. Since the Bills have several injuries coming out of that Dolphins game, I think Baltimore keeps this one close, but I don’t see the Bills dropping two in a row."


Reyes: Bills 28, Ravens 27 

Pugmire: Ravens 30, Bills 27

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Bell: Ravens 33, Bills 30

Bills 37, Ravens 27

Dragon: Bills 33, Ravens 30

Sporting News

Analysis: "The Ravens are not going to want to hear about injuries in the secondary. That is what doomed them in 2021. As it stands, you get Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen in an early window with elite top-five offense. Both teams were in a close-game situation in losses to Miami. Which teams learned their lesson?"

Prediction: Bills 34, Ravens 30

The Arizona Republic

Analysis: "Both of these teams are 2-1 and expected to be among the final teams remaining in the AFC. Something tells us Buffalo will be pumped for this game after its Week 3 loss."

Prediction: Bills 35, Ravens 28

Yahoo Sports

Analysis: The Bills are smarting after Sunday’s loss and now they face a defense that has given up a lot of yards. Lamar Jackson looks phenomenal, so this should be an entertaining offensive display.

Prediction: Bills 31, Ravens 27