Alvin Kamara: How Explosive is the All-Pro Running Back?

Where does New Orleans All-Pro running back rank among the NFL's Top 10 Explosive Runners in 2020.

It's hard to imagine Alvin Kamara as just average since he's one of football's most exciting players.

Whether he's racking up yards on the ground or catching the ball, the All-Pro running back is fun to watch.

NFL writer Nick Shook examined last season's most explosive ball carriers in the NFL.  

Shook extrapolated NextGen's data that tracked "distance and speed measurements" of these dynamic rushers.

The three criteria used to make the list:

1. A minimum of 100 carries in 2020.  2. At least 20 carries of 10-plus yards.  3. The defining metrics: the total number and percentage of 15-plus mph runs.

Surprisingly, Alvin Kamara is one of the most dangerous dual-threats in the league but Shook ranked him at No. 7 among the explosive runners.

New Orleans Saints Running Back, Alvin Kamara

NextGen Stats produced these results based on Kamara's 2020 performance:

  • 10+ yard runs: 27
  • 10+ pct: 14.14%
  • 15+ mph runs: 40
  • 15+ mph pct: 21.4%
  • Yard per routes (RB): 2.3, 2nd
  • Forced missed tackles (pass): 20
  • TDs outside tackles: 12, 1st
  • Yards per attempt inside tackles: 6.6, 1st

Kamara's numbers for this model are modest compared to Kyler Murray, who edged out last year's most explosive runner Lamar Jackson. Murray had 94 plays over 15 mph at 70.7%, Jackson posted 85 plays at 53.5%.  

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Only Derrick Henry (Tennessee), J.K. Dobbins (Baltimore), Dalvin Cook (Minnesota), and Nick Chubb (Cleveland) were the running backs ahead of Alvin Kamara.

Indy's Jonathan Taylor, Rams Darrell Henderson, and Pats Damien Harris were the other running backs to complete Shook's top ten.

Alvin Kamara Eludes Seahawks Tackler

NextGen Stat's Top 10 Explosive Runners of 2020

  1. Kyle Murray, QB, Arizona
  2. Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore
  3. Derrick Henry, RB, Tennessee
  4. J.K. Dobbins, RB, Baltimore
  5. Dalvin Cook, RB, Minnesota
  6. Nick Chubb, RB, Cleveland
  7. Alvin Kamara, RB, New Orleans
  8. Jonathan Taylor, RB, Indianapolis
  9. Darrell Henderson, RB, Los Angeles
  10. Damien Harris, RB, New England

Many a Saints fan have observed Kamara's great acceleration, top-notch breakaway speed, agility, and strength to shed tacklers since entering the league in 2017. 

He has excellent hands and can become a game-changer in short routes out of the backfield - recall his amazing 52-yard touchdown versus Green Bay in Week 3 of 2020.

These physical traits and his football intelligence are what sets him apart from other running backs.  

Kamara's versatility makes him one of the best overall running backs in the National Football League.

Alvin Kamara is not only an explosive player, but AK41 is an explosive play waiting to happen every time he touches the football.


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