Insider's Report on the Panthers vs. Saints [Callihan-AllPanthers]

Schuyler Callihan from the AllPanthers on Sports Illustrated shares important game intelligence on the Panthers with the Saints News Network.
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Schuyler Callihan from the AllPanthers on Sports Illustrated shares important game intelligence on the Panthers with the Saints News Network.

RB Mike Davis, Panthers


The Panthers have to get back to protecting Teddy Bridgewater and protecting the football. They did not do a very good job of that last week vs. Chicago. 

In the two weeks prior, the offensive line did not allow a single sack, but made up for that by seeing Bridgewater get pummeled all day long with four sacks. Bridgewater threw two untimely interceptions, and running back Mike Davis also fumbled once in the loss. 

In addition to that, Carolina must find a way to get the passing game going again. A lot of that may have to do with the offensive line, but Bridgewater has to do better. He was off on some of his throws, and for the first time this season, we really saw him out of his groove. For the Panthers to walk out of New Orleans with a win, they're going to have to start capping off drives with touchdowns. 

Their red zone woes have been a major problem for this offense and are a big reason they are toward the bottom of the league in scoring.




Pressure, pressure, pressure. Carolina has not been the best at getting to the quarterback this season and hasn't really affected the pocket all that much either. 

Last week, Nick Foles had all day to go through his reads and progressions, which can't happen if the Panthers want to beat Drew Brees and the Saints. Carolina needs to zone in on stopping the run and letting the corners and safeties clean up things on the back end. 

Too many times this season, we've seen the opposing team gash the Panthers in the run game, and with Kamara being as good as he is, that could end up being a problem. 

I can't believe I'm saying this, but they need to make Brees beat them with his arm - that's their best chance of pulling out a W.


  • Schuyler mentioned on The Bayou Blitz, there is a concern on both the Panthers' offensive and defensive lines. 
  • New Orleans wide receivers may have an advantage over the Panthers secondary.  If DB Basul Douglas will be out of this contest, the Panthers could have former Saints CB Eli Apple playing more in coverage.  Apple is coming off of injury.  It could be a long day for Carolina. 
  • Callihan said linebackers Whitehead and Thompson are being "left hung out to dry" by the Panthers' defensive line.  New Orleans can exploit this weakness in the rushing attack.   Expect big games from Kamara and Murray.
  • Bridgewater is forcing the football at times when under pressure from up the middle.
  • Running back Mike Davis is dangerous in the passing game for Carolina.  Saints linebackers must pay attention to him on screen plays and in the play-action.
Bridgewater, Carolina Panthers QB



  • CB Eli Apple (hamstring),
  • RB Trenton Cannon (neck),
  • RB Mike Davis (ankle)


  • CB Donte Jackson (toe),
  • DT Zach Kerr (toe),
  • WR Curtis Samuel (knee)


  • CB Rasul Douglas (NIR)
  • G John Miller (Ankle)