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NFL takes tenacious stand against COVID-19, plans 2020 Season

The National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goodell takes a tenacious stand against COVID-19 for a 2020 Regular Season.  But will it happen in 2020?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has not allowed the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic to stop plans for the NFL.  First, the league remained firm to the 2020 NFL Draft for April 23rd and produced a "virtually hitch-free" 3-day online event.  Last week, the NFL announced its goal to play a full 17 week regular season schedule in 2020.  The NFL will not succumb to the current COVID-19 health crisis and is tenacious for football to be played in 2020.  

The new and unseen danger of COVID-19 has wreak havoc on the world of sports. The NBA, MLB, and NHL entities have publicly struggled with how to chart a course through the novel coronavirus pandemic. Yet, Roger Goodell’s dogmatic decisions amid the chaos have proven to be golden for the NFL. The league closed all organized facilities, continued with free agency, 2020 NFL Draft, and never missed a beat. Matter of fact, it gave sports fans hope.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the NFL 2020 Draft


The 2020 NFL Draft programming electrified ratings and became the most-watched NFL draft in television history. On Thursday, May 7th, the NFL will release the preseason and regular season schedule for 2020. With Governors and Mayors opposed to opening major event venues for sporting events until the COVID-19 outbreak numbers dwindle, plans for the NFL will receive opposition. Public safety is paramount in the matter. You must wonder since the NFL has stayed resolute and already won two-for-two, can they go three-for-three? In Louisiana, Governor Edwards and Mayor Cantrell may resist, but will resistance be futile.

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Saints Senior VP of Communications and Broadcasting, Greg Bensel, did not doubt the NFL’s return when he released a statement assuring fans the Saints were actively preparing. He knew that the highest priority would be for the health and safety of the fans, players, and staff. The New Orleans Saints were preparing for the upcoming season despite the absence of a firm start date. We are preparing to play, and we are being very proactive in working with healthcare professionals, our medical staff, and both the NBA and NFL. In addition, we are in constant contact with local and state government.” Greg Bensel, VP of Communications & Broadcasting, New Orleans Saints.   

For New Orleans Saints fans, the only option for attending a Saints game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome is to purchase an individual ticket through a third-party reseller or NFL Ticket Exchange powered by Ticketmaster.  The New Orleans Saints website states that “2020 Season Tickets” are not available for purchase.  The Saints’ Season Ticket Waiting List is accessible at  The Saints schedule will be released on Thursday, May 7, 2020 by the National Football League.

The 2020 NFL Draft was the closest to real-time sports that the nation has seen in months.  Whether or not the NFL will return with fans in attendance will be debated in the next few months as businesses are set to re-open from the pandemic.  Sports is a welcomed distraction for fans and the NFL has provided hope for a return to normalcy once the NFL 2020-21 season begins.