Saints: After Years of Success and Postseason Falls; Offensive Changes in 2021?

With the New Orleans Saints' latest fall in the postseason, will Sean Payton overhaul the offensive scheme for 2021?
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With the New Orleans Saints' latest fall in the postseason, will Sean Payton overhaul the offensive scheme for 2021?

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees vs. Tampa Bay Bucs

It's easy to spot the flaws, blemishes, and warts and point out the necessary in a losing program.  Then again, fixable flaws often go unnoticed in winning programs.  Nonetheless, it's because winning can hide certain uncomfortable truths.  

In New Orleans, some things must and will change for the Saints organization. After four postseason failures, the New Orleans Saints leadership must emerge with a plan to keep pace with the new talented organizations in the NFL.  

Critics will point to the wasted years, talent, and opportunities for a second Super Bowl title as the reason for immediate change. No one can deny these are clear signs for a switch. In life, relationships, careers, and professional sports, changes will inevitably happen. 

An old preacher once said in a sermon, "pray the most and be humble when you're at the top; then you can handle what comes next. The fall."

The organization has had an abundance of talented players over the years to grace the Saints under Sean Payton's leadership. It wasn't until Payton and his staff took command of the team in 2006 that Saints fans finally realized they could support a winning franchise. It was no longer a fantasy.  

The reality is unfair. Fifteen years later, winning in New Orleans has an unwelcomed pricetag. The possible retirement of a football legend in Drew Brees. The break-up of what could have been the best offensive tandem at head coach and quarterback in the league's history.

Eventually, what was once new, would one day grow old. What was lively and full of vigor would become dull and quickly exhausted. That which was strong would one day become fragile and fracture apart.

I believe Sean Payton deserves the 2020 Coach of the Year honors for what he achieved with his players, staff, and through the COVID-19 pandemic. He remained firmed and not as easily agitated as in years prior. He was focused and determined to win through the team's trials and tribulations, the injuries, and COVID-19 cases. 

Whereas all this is important and true, Coach Payton may consider modifying his offensive coaching philosophy.

Whether it is relinquishing the offensive play-calling duties, a radical change in the type of quarterback and receivers, to how he handles players, the team's direction and overall success starts and ends with him.

Again, he's done a tremendous job and has delivered an excellent on-field product - but something's missing.

Why can't the New Orleans Saints get over the hump and return a Super Bowl?  

If left tackle Terron Armstead's summer declaration of it's "Super Bowl or Bust" was valid for this 2020 version of the New Orleans Saints, then precisely what is the bust?  And, how will it look in 2021?

We shall see.