Alvin Kamara wears mask because of the Corona Virus

Kamara is wearing a medical mask while traveling because of Corona Virus. Should the sports world be concerned?
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New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara posted a very funny and entertaining video on his Instagram stories page. Kamara is wearing a medical mask while traveling because of Corona Virus. The virus has been impacting the most of the world, and now the United States has over 100 confirmed cases of the infection. The sports world is now on notice.

Credit: Alvin Kamara on Instagram

Credit: Alvin Kamara on Instagram

Kamara appeared to be traveling to Los Angeles. In one part of his video, he said the lady at the gate requested for him to take off his mask, and Kamara gave a colorful reply.   Maybe we should not trivialize Kamara’s display and concerns, but understand they are credible and real.

The virus is affecting the sports world today. In Italy, they will not permit fans to view the track and field Olympic trials for the country. As the virus is continues to spread across the world, major sporting events will notice a drop in attendance. Thus, the NFL, MLB, The Olympics, Soccer, and other sports will have to address how they will protect their players, organizations, and fans. 

Alvin Kamara is one of New Orleans star players, but he is also very smart. This video may make light of the Corona Virus, but it could have many other athletes and sports franchises taking a proactive approach on how to address team travel, hygiene, and fan interaction in the months ahead.