Bayou Blitz: Dr. Reef shares Alvin Kamara's Workout Regimen

Kyle T. Mosley

The Bayou Blitz Podcast welcomes guest Dr. Sharif Tabbah to our studio to discuss the workout regimen of Saints RB Alvin Kamara, LB Kiko Alonso, and former Saints RB Mark Ingram II.

Here are a few snippets from our interview with Dr. Reef:

You have worked with some really good athletes that are of interest to me and the Who Dat Nation.  Number one being Alvin Kamara, as well as Kiko Alonso linebacker, as well as former Saints RB Mark Ingram. Tell us how were you able to get connected with those guys.

Sure. I really started working with Alvin, I guess in 2017 during draft prep process.  He was part of our program that we were doing at the time. And we really just connected and his energy and my energy really connected quickly and he really liked being challenged I like finding new ways to challenge him and kind of from there just a relationship developed and evolved as she's had so much success. You know, for many reasons, but also really just enjoyed the work that we've done together. He's really preferred us a lot of other people, which has helped to get to kind of like Mark, for example. 

Yeah. Well, looks like you have quite a slew of NFL guys right now working out at your facility.  How large is your facility and what else are you offering to those guys especially the NFL guys this offseason?

Yeah, absolutely. We have a couple of different facilities.  Each one is inside of a bigger facility so we're inside of gyms, that allow us to have a lot more space, which is nice. So our primary facility where we're seeing most of our NFL athletes, it's part of the 80,000 square foot facility and we have two turf fields and we have two gyms in a pool so we're able to kind of blend everything from, you know strength conditioning to injury prevention to actually intermediate recovery, even into performance. We partner alongside of other performance companies to help us get things.  From more advanced skill work with ex NFL players to anything and everything from the weight room.  The traditional weight room and speed work to some of the more unique stuff those ETFs doing a lot, balancing dresses. 

Tell us about the Alvins' workout with the bar and weights hanging on the end?

For sure we knew that was gonna be a little controversial but. So our goal there was, it's not a leg strength per se, it's more about, again, core coordination, strength, being able to overcome external moments external forces that are pushing them in different directions kind of simulating again bouncing off of tackles and having to take external forces say okay I'm going this way but I'm getting knocked this way, how do I keep my core strong to be able to keep going straight and get used to that stop and go when, even though I'm running full speed now I'm planning on my momentum is going this way. Maybe I'm getting hit in that direction but he's now come back this way. So, the more I can prepare his body for overcoming those types of external forces. The more better he will be to take them on the field.

Yeah, I saw that he noted on an Instagram post, he (Kamara) said this is one of the workouts that felt more like being in the NFL. Getting hit by players and trying to keep your balanced and things of that nature. 

Yeah, he was really saying you know this really feels like simulating running the ball. Because, because of that, constant change of direction overcoming a force and stop and go stop and go. So that's also comparing those ankles those hips, there's different joints that have to be able to withstand those multi-direction forces that might be unpredictable. So that's what's nice about that and of course, you can imagine that in order to create stability from the trunk up, to be able to stay stable on top, you're using a lot of that core stabilization.  Rather than letting it be kind of loose, so we can teach this, now you get rid of that, now you're running you're bumping into people but you're used to having to be that tight, people will be flying off of you like pinballs.

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