UN-BREAUX-KEN: Delvin Breaux's Autobiography Dives Deeper Than Just Football

Delvin Breaux, New Orleans Saints' 2015 Defensive MVP, shares his story of overcoming personal and professional adversity in his new autobiography "UN-BREAUX-KEN."

From childhood abuse to a broken neck and beyond, professional football player Delvin Breaux, Sr. has remained "UN-BREAUX-KEN."   The newly released autobiography documents his one-of-a-kind journey.


October 26, 2007, began like any other high school game-day for McDonogh 35 Senior High School's defensive back Delvin Breaux but the day would end as one that would change his life forever. LSU scouts in the stands, Breaux made a tackle on kick-off coverage, and everything went white. 

The Roneagles' standout was able to walk off the field on his own power before feeling excruciating pain. Ultimately, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where physicians told Delvin he broke his neck. Eight years later, after years of mental and physical hardships, Breaux became the first player in history to break his neck and play in an NFL game.

“My story always spoke volumes of adversity,” said Breaux, who has been wanting to publish his story for years. “I put it to my mind, I am going to do it! I'm going to write it [because] of the COVID-19 situation. I think my story can impact a lot of people. So let me do it and see where it goes.”

Breaux connected with best-selling author and publisher Ross Williams of Williams Commerce Writing Services via social media over a year ago after the CFL's All-Decade Team member gave Williams a shout out in a caption of a picture of Breaux reading Williams' debut semi-autobiography Made It Out. The two kept in touch “here and there” before a New Orleans connection pushed them to work together on the UN-BREAUX-KEN project.

“I feel like New Orleans really manifested this connection,” Williams said while crediting several people who pushed both parties to get together via Twitter. “It is just powerful how social media and the universe works.”

The process of finishing the book took only four months, but “it felt like two years,” according to Williams. “I have been talking to him more than anyone the past couple of months... It was an easy partnership, and I think Delvin's story will impact people across the world.”

Though many football fans across the United States and Canada are aware of Breaux's football story, UN-BREAUX-KEN reveals the adversity and hardships he faced beyond the gridiron. “Childhood trauma I suffered as a kid...I tried to commit suicide at the age of 9... I was very depressed. I was depressed before I even knew what depression was,” said Breaux in our interview. 

“But to overcome that and finally be free I think it is going to help a lot of people because a lot of people have been through things that are deep down inside that they are afraid to come out and share.”

Breaux concluded by saying he hopes people reading his autobiography will come away with the mindset to never give up and remember the words of the late U.S Navy Seal Richard John “Mack” Machowicz, “Not Dead, Can't Quit.”

"No matter what you go through, no matter how many times you get knocked down, no matter the trauma, abuse, PTSD, anxiety, or going into those dark spaces... no matter how much you go through that continue to keep fighting and keep God first."

Delvin Breaux Sr.

UN-BREAUX-KEN is available now on Amazon. You can order your copy by clicking HERE.

For updates on the book and future book signings, you can follow Delvin Breaux Sr. on Twitter @BreauxShow24 and his publisher, Ross Williams @RWCommerceLLC.

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