Madden 21: Brees and Kamara Receive New MUT Cards this Offseason

New Orleans Saints Offensive Superstars Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara received upgraded MUT 21 cards this offseason.
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Who Dat Nation and Madden fans have been licking their chops for the past few weeks after EA SPORTS Madden 21 released two new Ultimate Team cards for QB Drew Brees and RB Alvin Kamara. The pair of massively upgraded cards serve as a must have for any team built around the New Orleans Saints and/or any team looking to add one-of-a-kind talent in MUT 21.

Madden 21 MUT Upgrades

What is Madden Ultimate Team?

The most popular game mode in the longest-running sports video game franchise, Ultimate Team (MUT), began over a decade ago, debuting in EA SPORTS Madden 10. The online mode provides fans the opportunity to create a "dream-team". Madden players can build their MUT team by collecting virtual trading cards to build a team they can play with in game against other online MUT players.

Now let's take a look at two of the game's newest and most sought after cards. Drew Brees' MUT 21 Tribute Card and Alvin Kamara's MUT 21 Limited Edition Card.

Drew Brees, QB, 99 Overall

On March 17th, just days after announcing his retirement from football after 20 NFL seasons, EA SPORTS Madden 21 released a special tribute card for QB Drew Brees. The 99 OVR card was available in packs for just 48 hours and gives Brees a massive upgrade across the board from his 93 Overall MUT21 Series 3 Redux Card.

Brees' attribute boosts include +5 Throw Power, +7 or higher boosts across all accuracy (Short, Medium, & Deep), and large jumps in throw power and throw on the run. The tribute card should be a joy to use at starting QB because of the incredible accuracy attributes, along with the ability to throw deep and on the run. Add in the kind bump in speed rating for when you get out of the pocket and this card will give opponents headaches. 

With this card the EA SPORTS Madden franchise celebrates the Hall-of-Fame career of Drew Brees and puts him right back in his prime. The most accurate quarterback in NFL history becomes arguably the most accurate quarterback in MUT and has the arm strength to rip it down field like he did for the Saints as he broke numerous NFL record in the early-mid 2010s.

This card is a must have for any Saints or Drew Brees fan and is now only available in the auction house.

The Drew Brees MUT 21 Tribute card is currently available on the auction house for roughly 360K Coins on Xbox, 326K Coins on Playstation, and 516K Coins on PC.

Alvin Kamara, RB, 98 Overall

This limited edition Alvin Kamara card is AK's 7th MUT card of Madden 21. Kamara's last card came from MUT's Christmas promo "Ghosts of Madden" where he was given a 95 Overall "Ghost of Madden Present" Card. 

The new limited edition Kamara is a slight upgrade from his last promo card but not as drastic of a boost as Brees' above. Kamara's 98 Overall card includes a 98 Break Tackle and Juke Move attribute. However, perhaps the most impressive attribute in the newly released card is Kamara's 97 rated Change of Direction. 

Much like himself on the gridiron, get this AK card in the open field and let the magic happen. His 96 speed and 97 acceleration allows him to break away from defenders once he hits the second level of the defense. You can also play Kamara at wide-out where his overall changes to a 93 overall with an 88 catching attribute and 91 short route running attribute.

Versatility is the key to Kamara's game and will be a key to your MUT team if you add this limited edition card to your team. However, it will cost a pretty penny...

The Alvin Kamara MUT 21 Limited Edition Card is currently available on the auction house for roughly 645K Coins on Xbox, 645K Coins on Playstation, and 800K Coins on PC.

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